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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tanty Freeman II Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine

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My story of a journey into writing songs and music began through my involvement in an a car accident in which I was rear ended. After sometime passed that evening, the gentleman and I began talking while the state trooper checked our information.  I learned from him that he was an Apostle and he learned that I was the minister of music for my church. 

About a month or so had passed before I would see him again. It was on a Sunday morning that my life would be altered by a prophetic utterance coming from that Apostle. He walked in my hime church with his family and they sat mid-ways in the congregation. During the visitors greeting, he stood and introduced himself and how he heard about the ministry. My pastor which is also my father invited him into the pulpit after learning of the office he walked in.  
Once asked if the Apostle had anything to say, he stood and spoke a word to the house. This word was in season and confirmation to the house. He then turned and looked at me and uttered these words,"You are going to write songs to the nations. Its part of the office that you walk in. You are called to the nations." This utterance changed my life and direction in which I was going. 
Tanty Freeman II shares his full story of writing songs for God and being an inspiration to others to start writing too!! 
Get his full story in #MusicLov3rz Magazine February Edition!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Jason Pierre Music & Shoes Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine March Edition!

Jason Pierre born in New Orleans, Louisiana comes from an artistic background and as a young child always had a love for the arts especially music. He was deeply involved is his schools band programs. After graduating Jason took his love of music to the next level by teaching himself how to produce music tracks and soon there on he taught himself how to record.

Throughout the years Mr. Pierre has gone on to record three albums; one R&B, the other Hip Hop and his newest venture, Gospel. He has also obtained a recording certification from the Radio Recording Film Connection.

Jason's focus now is to minster and spread the Gospel with his unique sound and delivery to those who want to hear the word and those who need to hear God's word. Making people believers.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Jonathan Dalberiste and Restored Order Choir - R.O.C. Featured In #MusicLov3rz March!

Jonathan Dalberiste and R.O.C. is a travel based Gospel Choir out of the South Florida area. Established in 2015, the choir has ministered various places throughout the South Florida area, as well as Orlando, Tampa, Alabama, North Carolina, California, just to name a few. In their short stent, Jonathan Dalberiste and R.O.C. have already been able to share the stage with so many great gospel artist. In April of 2018, the choir was not only selected to open up for the Festival of Praise tour in Miami, but they were also the choir selected to sing behind Gospel greats such as Fred Hammond, Donnie Mcclurkin, Hezekiah Walker, James Fortune, and Charles Jenkins.

In that same year, the choir also had the honor of ministering at the City of Refuge church in California for Bishop Noel Jones, as well as ministering with the Breath of Life Ministries under pastor Carlton Byrd. More than just singing, the choir has a hunger for community service. Earlier in 2018, the choir had the opportunity to partner with the L.A. Food bank and NBC to package food boxes for the less fortunate. Singing is only a small part of what the choir does, but being able to spread God's message through community outreach in addition to ministering through song is what it's all about!

Get Jonathan Dalberiste and Restored Order Choir's song "He Reigns" Ft. Ashaala Shanae 

Learn more about them in #MusicLov3rz Magazine March edition!

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Mr. Pickney Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine March Edition!

Virgil Pickney is an up and coming Gospel recording artist, Pastor and Entrepreneur that is driven by his love, zeal and passion for Christ. He was born on April 29th 1970 at St. Francis Hospital. Virgil lived in Long Beach, CA with his mother and two siblings for the majority of his life, up until the age of 18 where he then set out to join the Army with a goal to earn money to go to school. He served in the military for four years and was privileged to live all over the globe, not knowing that later in life he would again be a soldier but this time it would be for Christ, serving in the army of the Lord. While growing up, his mother was the most influential person in his life. It was from her that he learned to love and appreciate the art of music. As time progressed, music became therapy for him, a form of escape. Today, at this point in his life, his biggest influence is Yahweh God his wife and his girls.
Get his song "From The Heart" on Amazon | Google Play as we await his FULL album! Learn more about Mr. Pickney and his journey in #MusicLov3rz Magazine March edition! 
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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Durmond Glanton - DLG Muziq Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine March Edition!

The UNDEFEATEDStory of Durmond Glanton
Durmond Glanton was born on July 14, 1977. Since the time of his conception, the enemy has had a hit out on Durmonds life. At the age of 4, he taught himself how to play the drums, and had it mastered by the age of 9. He served faithfully as the church drummer until the age of 22. It was then when Durmond locked himself in a room and taught himself how to play the piano.
In 2000, while attending a local revival in Rochester, NY, a prophet named Eric Cooper from Phoenix, Arizona spoke into Durmonds life and declared that After the Storm, God is going to put your name in lights for the world to see.
Since then Durmond has survived 3 strokes, beginning stage lung cancer, a minor heart attack, homelessness, drug addiction and suicidal battles. If you ask him today, Durmond, how were you able to go through all of that at such a young age and STILL survive?His answer is simple, When God is fighting for you, you cant lose. People CHOOSE to be defeated, I choose to be UNDEFEATED with God on my side.
Durmond is now a skillful Minister of Music at the WOW (Winning Over the World) Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an accomplished songwriter, vocal coach, music teacher, music producer and recording artist. His main goal in Kingdom work and in life, is changing the world One song at a time. Durmonds plans are to give back to less fortunate churches in their music departments to help build strong bible based musicians for Ministry. He is a great example of overcoming all odds, and allowing others to that ONLY through Jesus Christ, we are UNDEFEATED.
Preview & buy Durmond Glanton - DLG Muziq's single "Undefeated" on:
Get his FULL STORY in #MusicLov3rz Magazine March edition!

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ace Williams Returns to #MusicLov3rz Magazine March Edition!

LOVE POWER By ce Williams 

*In a world of school shootings, juvenile confusion, and the rise of hate, we send some Love Power. The Ultimate Love Power Comes From the Author of Love, Our FATHER. From Our Saviour Jesus Christ and Our Comforter the Holy Spirit. We Need That Love. Nothing Else Can Fulfill Us Like GOD's Love. Sexual Intimacy is nice. But It Ain't The Holy Spirit. Getting 'High' Using Recreational Drugs May Temporarily Numb the Pain, But It Can't Fulfill Us Like The Holy Spirit (Not Even Close). We Need Some LOVE POWER... 
  • The love of many will grow cold - Matthew Ch.24:12
  • For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You - Psalms Ch.86:5 
  • When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me - Psalms Ch.94:18 
  • Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins. Proverbs Ch.10:12 
  • You shall love your neighbour as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these - Mark Ch. 12:31

LOVE POWER: Song Lyrics
(VERSE ONE) In the night, children cry, a wind takes them away. 
In the news, it’s just a crime, it’s just another day. 
Brothers rappin' on the corner, chasing their dreams. 
Serenity in my soul, self-love makes me free. 

(We need some) Love Power

(VERSE TWO) Never kill, never steal, got much love for my 'hood. 
In the rain, I never change, I try to find some good. 
Black is black, white is white, ain’t no need to fight. 
GOD is love, love is GOD, walk into the light. 

(I’m talking about) Love Power 

(Love Power by ce Williams)

Catch ce's feature in #MusicLov3rz Magazine March, and get his new single "Love Power" in digital stores!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Loni Crawford Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine March!

Compassion of spreading the Gospel of Jesus through the vehicle of music is the heartbeat of Loni. For over two decades, Loni has carried a mantle to share God’s grace and love.
She gave her life to Christ at a very young age. Born and raised as a PK “preachers kid” she was provided with great opportunities to serve. Under the great leadership of her parents she learned the value of serving byway of the choir, worship team, VBS as well as Sunday School. At the early age of three, Loni sang her first solo at her home church. This was training ground for Loni to develop a deeper love for serving Gods people and prepare her for the life that was ahead.
Loni has shared the gospel on American soil and overseas as well. She has served as a Worship Leader in various churches and continues to minister in song for conferences or events. Early in her life, she was a contestant on Ed McMahon Star Search as a teen vocalist. 

 She is the founder of Beauty for Ashes monthly blog that inspires, uplifts and encourages individuals. She is a prayer warrior and believes that every success must be a prayer success first. For over four years, she has co-led a weekly prayer line called Mighty Women of Prayer where many lives have been transformed by the power of God.
Loni holds close to her heart her family. She has been married to her best friend Dennis for 17 blessed years. They have three lovely children; Caleb, James and Lauren.

Hear and buy Loni's single "Your Grace" and connect with her at:
Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Also check out her husband, Dennis Crawford III's book on AMAZON!

Lyric video for "Your Grace"

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Javani Vassell Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine March

Javani Vassell was born in Jamaica, but moved to England, United Kingdom as a ten year old.

“Throughout my time in my home country I attended church with my grandparents who were devout believers.
I moved to the UK in search of a better life as opportunities are scarce in Jamaica.

Throughout the rest of my childhood & teenage years I never really connected with God or understood anything about his word. I went off and did my own thing in London with my cousins, causing mischief. Hanging out in dangerous areas where anything could have happened at anytime. I've been in environments where there is drugs, guns & knives.

At seventeen, I got invited to church by a friend. I went and met the Pastor. A few of the guys I met there, I already knew. I started to learn the word, learning how to pray & communicate with God.

Within four months I decided to get baptized & fully commit to God. I haven't looked back since. Throughout these years of serving, Christ has developed my character, & He continues to do so. He has given me purpose & meaning to my life. I thank God for his saving grace.”

Get Javani Vassell's Jazzy Hip-Hop song "Newness of Life" 

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Kellie Leigh, Founder, #MusicLov3rz

Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every independent step forward is a leap towards the truth. The truth of real music, real artists & real people"

~Kellie Leigh, Founder #MusicLov3rz

#MusicLov3rz is a worldwide community of Independent Music Artists.  Founder, Kellie Leigh, worked for 14+ years in Entertainment Sales & Marketing as one of the top Executives for Broadcast & Corporate Owned Digital Start-ups before realizing what her true calling was. To quote Paul, "I count it all but dung compared to having the knowledge of Jesus Christ."

In 2009, the world of Marketing changed and she was one of the early adapters who learned the ins and outs of Social Media.  She is a part of many international consultant networks, and started the community in 2012 after having a God given vision. 

She knew this was her destiny. The rest is history! "I will leave out the details of the blood, sweat, tears & 18 hour days and just make it look like over a million music loving followers just happened overnight. Nope, ours are real, and so are the Godly relationships we have built along the way." Being in full time ministry for over 7 years has had it's challenges, but it is all worth it.

Most of our artists are on the Amazon & iTunes charts and have had many great accomplishments, even the ones just starting out... though most have MANY years of experience in the business, we pride ourselves on being connected with the best of the best, the ones that God sends to us. 

We thank the Lord for blessing our community, our message, our brand and achievements. We run our own race and don't try to be anyone but ourselves. We are 100% independent BY CHOICE and so are our artists.

We promote CLEAN MUSIC ONLY & work in all genres of Christian/Gospel, and with artists who want to spread peace, love & unity through music. Diverse artists who have the same vision and goals as us.

If you have 100% clean music with a positive message (no swearing, no degrading words) and take your business SERIOUSLY, you will be considered to be a part of our initiatives. Our artists are WORLD CHANGERS.

God told us to share and spread His love around the world, and we're pretty much 100% obedient, taking many giant leaps of faith along the way.

#MusicLov3rz Radio launched in February 2018!!! Playing the best of clean positive inspirational music from around the globe 24h a day! (Also tune in to our Christian Hip-Hop rotation nightly from 10:30PM EST to 2AM EST) at 

Sending TONS OF #LOV3 to you all... Please follow on Twitter @ArtistsUnitedWW @MusicLov3rzRdo @MusicLov3rzMag
& IG

God Bless!
Kellie Leigh XO

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