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Thursday, September 3, 2020

TammyC Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine October!

I have been in music since I was in Junior High School, singing in church choirs and school choirs. I was graded straight A’s in A Capella. Once I realized my music ability, I started singing in a local Jazz band, but the Lord had other plans, so I stayed in the church choirs. 
I love music of different genres, and I have always been a natural, since I was a kid! 
I am from a family of creative people. My father was a musician who played the keyboards. My mother always kept me in the arts. 
I am from a family of 6 siblings!
I received my basic vocal training in school as an A Capella singer, and then in church under Pastor Fleetwood Irving and the late Bishop Walter Hawkins. I have always been in ministries under singing Pastors! 
I thank our Lord Jesus for this gift of music. I take nothing for granted to walk in this gift! It has cost me just about everything, meaning I've been tested to hold this gift as a singer.
Now it wasn’t until I was asked to lead a song at church and the music director gave me the song without the words on a tape. I went home with a tape I had to play over and over, but once I got the format, I was learning how to write music that homework turned into a blessing.
From that point on, I became a songwriter. I learned how to write for quartets, choirs and solo
Back to being tested, I was tested, my producers were tested and even my photographer but my
test cost me. I lost my cars, I was homeless, lived in my car in a garage, a pantry, renting rooms from people and staying in motels. I was paying my dues. I call this the hard places were you walk with the Lord to learn lessons.  
While I was being tested, Jesus never left me. It was during those times, our Lord was
downloading music into my spirit! I wrote music and He gave me "Divinity" which is the title track on my album, and debut song on my CD! Each song on Divinity has a meaning! I experienced most of what I wrote about!!! 
I used strong urban beats with powerful lyrics... It helps me to minister both to the people of God and the masses who don't know Jesus, but I hope one day will know Him for themselves.
Some people say you have to go through something to get somewhere. I say "pay your dues, pass your tests and endure the tests, then your blessings come! Use your God given gifts to minister and help people! We need each other! if it wasn't for brother Pauley, one of my choir directors giving me music, I probably wouldn't be writing music. He has gone to be with the Lord now, but I am so grateful to him. Now I am writing more music and working on my next project called Black Musie. The Lord is also now using my son, who is a Praise and Worship Singer! I am from California's Bay Area, raised in Richmond. 
I know in this life we will have to pass many tests, but God is always faithful. He will always make a way of escape. As I migrate towards my destiny, surrendered and allowing the Lord to use me to win souls for His Kingdom through music, I will continue to serve Him with humility and gratefulness in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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