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Friday, June 19, 2020

Big H3lp Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine July

Statistically, Larrin Webster should be in jail or dead.
But God.
As a young teen he got caught up in the drug life swirling around him. What many adults did not know was the star of the high school football team was a drug dealer.
But God.
Before he became Big H3LP Webster was a poor kid, in a poor neighborhood with a lot of ugliness around him. Growing up in Elkton, Maryland his parents were not much of a presence. Dad got out of poverty by getting into a professional football career. Larrin will tell you his dad loves him, but life got in the way.
His absence was not intentional. He just managed as anyone would, making the best out of what he knew having come from a life of poverty,” Larrin said. 
With Mom also lost in drugs, and Larrin working the streets to provide for his family, he suffered a life-altering event at the age of 18. A gunshot wound left him paralyzed from the waist down. With any hope of a professional football career for himself dashed, dealing was once again his only source of income. He moved from dealer to supplier.
“I was unable to run or move like the average person,” he said of his new life of confinement. “But I still managed to touch large quantities of drugs from cocaine, crack, pills, weed, PCP, promethazine, codeine, and anything I could get my hands on to make a dollar,” he said.
But God.
While he was surrounded by demons others in his life were praying for Big H3LP. One day it happened.
“I was finally tired,” he said. No matter how much he hustled he never got ahead. Through the weariness he heard the call of God on his life and answered.
Once a player with an attitude and a shady past, Webster found himself more days than not, on his knees in prayer and voraciously reading the Bible.
God was really moving in his life, leading him to a church, which in turn led him to his wife. It was far from easy, he said and continues to say to this day.
“I never claim to be perfect but I will claim to be  hungry to experience the things of God,” he said. “Every time that I fell I got back up and kept pushing.”
But God.
Big H3LP now finds himself arm in arm with his Savior, doing God’s work every day. Now a motivational speaker, singer, designer, entrepreneur, mentor, minister of the gospel and so many other things to bring glory to Gods kingdom, Webster has found the Peace that passes understanding.
“I’m here to show you through my whole life that what you go through is that makes you equipped for the kingdom,” he said. “No matter who you are you can experience Gods salvation.”
Reaching those the world rejects, Webster has one goal through his new life in Christ: “Lord send me I will go to the lost and broken no matter the circumstances or the distance I’ll have to travel because I know You’re with me.

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