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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Daniel Ojo Returns To #MusicLov3rz July!!

Daniel Ojo a Gospel Artist and a Worship Leader of The Psalmist Music Ministry, based in Ottawa, Canada. Multi-Nominated Gospel Artist with one passion of spreading the love of God through music, and leading souls to Christ. Daniel Ojo is happily married to the love of his life Augustina Ojo. Daniel Ojo has released a number of singles the likes of "God is Alive Now", "ABBA Father", "Hod Great You Are" and others. He just released a new sound titled "Sweeter Than Honey" featuring Geoffrey Golden, a Gospel Artist, Worship Leader and Sunday Best Winner from Atlanta Georgia.

"Sweeter Than Honey" was written and composed by Daniel Ojo during one of the worship sessions in preparation for a worship night. This song is a reminder of the sweetness of God's presence, love, grace, mercies and faithfulness through the years.
This song is so timely with everything going on all around the world, I hope this reminds us of God's sweetness in every situation.
He's "Sweeter Than Honey" and The Most Beautiful One!


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God is Alive Now By Daniel Ojo ft. Ryan Ofei

(Released May 1, 2020)

This song came to me during the just concluded "Worship Watch For The Nations" aired live on Facebook representing the nation of Canada, leading thousands of people in worship all over the world. This song rose up in my heart "God is alive" and not just alive, He is Alive NOW! With the on going pandemic, depression, fear, anxiety and death going on, the enemy's agenda is to make us feel like our God is dead, but this song is a reminder that our God is alive, and he is alive now even in the midst of it all. He is the way maker, our healer, deliverer, provider, protector, strong tower.
I am privileged to have my brother and friend Ryan Ofei be a part of the Facebook live worship session and also a great part of this song!!!
I pray as we listen to this song, faith will be stirred up in us and we will arise in the strength of God this season. There shall be restoration, deliverance, healing and salvation.

- ABBA Father By Daniel Ojo ft. Daphne Richardson
(Released March 14, 2020)

God gave me this song Feb. 15 2019 at a worship night. I felt the presence of God so close and real to me as a father more than anything else and saw the desire in his heart, longing for a deeper and loving relationship with us as his children, i quickly brought out my phone and recorded the chorus. This song is a song that reminds us God is our father, even though He is the God of all, He is the King of kings, He is all the great names in the bible, yet when he taught us to pray, he showed us his greatest desire by starting with "Our Father".. and not just "God in heaven". And in that understanding we can easily find rest and trust in him. That essentially what this song is all about. Bringing us to the place of relationship, fellowship and Trust in our heavenly father.
I am honoured to share the recording with my dear friend and amazing worshipper Daphne Richardson, and we wrote and composed the rest of the song together. Great pleasure working with her on this song as she poured out her heart in the recording of this song.
I pray this blesses everyone that listens and draw us closer to God not just as a religious act, but as a relationship with our father.

- How Great You Are By Daniel Ojo ft. Javis Mays
(Released Nov. 18, 2019)

This song was birthed in prayer from the story of David and Goliath in 1 Sam. 17. The entire people of Israel had all their attention on Goliath and his boasting, no one could go against him, not even the king. But here comes David who had
a different mindset. He had a testimony of how God has saved and delivered him from Lion and the bear. How quickly the Israelite forgot how God had brought them far. We know the rest of the story, David killed Goliath!!! So can you!

In prayer, I began to shift my attention to the greatness of God and away from any problems or issues I have going on. And then the song came, ran into my studio, pen it down, recorded it and that's pretty much it.
I pray that as many as listen to this song, God will be magnified in their heart and in every situation. As we worship God and begin to magnify him, we will begin to see his work wonders in our lives.
I am so honored to have my brother Javis Mays from Orlando, Florida featured in this song.