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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

K.T.G. - Keeping The Gospel Featured In #MusicLov3rz September

''K.T.G'' Keeping The Gospel - Shay & Jerome Parham

Our story

Since we were old enough to remember, we had lived with a void in our life. Although we denied it, we were always looking for outlets to fill this void. As we searched for something to fill the emptiness and bring some sort of stability to our lives, we began to take several wrong paths. Turning to addiction to cope these paths led to more pain and destruction! It seemed as soon as a door opened that looked promising, it would immediately slam shut in our face. We could not understand why nothing would last. We placed our hope in a false reality! While one of us tried to find our place in the world the other was trying to ''hit it big'' in the Music Industry. Opening up shows and making acquaintances with some well known artists of today it looked as if the ''dream'' was coming true until a startling reality took place back stage, which the Lord used to stop this life of fame in its tracks.  Shaking hands with the devil, the Lord allowed us to witness the demonic influences wrapped around this way of life. Soon after, we settled down and started our family, but soon after our youngest son was born the enemy crept back in saying ''you have to make it in the rap game now your family is depending on you!'' So once again, the dream had to come true. After doing a few songs, Jesus started dealing with us. We both realized we were wrestling with God. This was not what he wanted for us.  After a few tugs at our heart we started seeking the Lord by attending the traditional church services. we began to hunger and thirst for righteousness. and God began to fill us. While so many were satisfied with the everyday service that ended after a few hours we were still not completely filled. We studied the word of God, seeking Jesus's face day and night. He then rewarded us with his wisdom. so we were able to fully understand the depths and truths of his word that we were not being taught in the traditional services. 

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