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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

P.L - Praise Life Featured In #MusicLov3rz November!!

Gospel, R&B, and electronic artist, P.L - Praise Life - pulls together disparate genres to create his own deeply spiritual and distinctive style which he terms Spiritual Fusion. P.L is not new to creating sub-genres. Always seeking to do things differently, this is an expression of how he serves God. Nevertheless, P.L emphasizes the universal nature of his music, describing it very much as spiritual as opposed to religious. Though roughly categorized as Gospel, he uses downtempo beats, electronic elements, and a strong influence from 90s R&B.

Spirituality and music are intertwined for P.L. It is also the inspiration behind his writing, as the meaning spirituality has given him has helped him through many creative blocks and enabled him to define a new sound as opposed to repeating traditions or pigeonholing himself with conceptions about how music and spirituality interact. Not just for Gospel listeners, P.L’s joy and love is evident in his creations through the rhythm, beats, and masterfully balanced fusion of his different influences.

"Say What" celebrates sticking to your convictions in the face of outside doubt as part of the mission to spread God’s word. Imbued with the faith of Gospel, "Say What" shows P.L’s distinctive experimentation and breakdown of genre boundaries in a new style which he calls Spiritual Fusion.


Whilst many songs in the popular sphere celebrate being oneself and individuality, "Say What" connects this to a higher power and the duty that those following this path have to not be led astray by social pressure.

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