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Monday, July 6, 2020

ETURNUL Returns To #MusicLov3rz Magazine July- Front Cover!

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

Born and rooted from the urban communities of Southeast San Diego located in Southern California. From living a fast Street life to being delivered and blessed with a second chance to live life again. Giving all glory to GOD. Living to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her music is proven outreach which bridges a gap long desired between the wise and youthful generation. Reaching and inspiring the masses.

Eturnul has chose to live her life educating, encouraging and empowering others to live a positive Life Style. Having graced the stage with local and global Legends she is now on a mission to impact the world in a positive way with a catchy twist to her flow and a classic lyrical delivery. We asked her to describe her lifestyle and music in 3 words, she replied. "God Or Nothing"

We have an Exclusive Interview with Award Winning Inspirational artist ETURNUL, and we can't WAIT to share it with you.

Check out her latest single BLESSINGS 

(feat. Fre'yonni La'mari)

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

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& check out her previous videos:
God Or Nothing - the title track from her EP!
*** " God Or Nothing "Full EP-

& watch ETURNUL's FULL VIDEO of her interview on the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour as we await her NEW ALBUM "Mission Possible" coming July 30th to all digital stores.
More info in the July edition of #MusicLov3rz magazine!
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Rosemary Ajoseh Returns To #MusicLov3rz July!

Rosemary Ajoseh's ALBUM "Letter Of Hope" is coming soon! The online release party is scheduled for June 12th at 6:30PM! Connect with her on Instagram and don't miss it! 
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is given to all, to know the love That God has for his creation. You Beloved are apart of that Creation, and God loves you and has a purpose destined for you. John 14:6 "Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." We live in a fast and ever changing world, in which we can often get caught up and forget the purpose of life. Situations happen, and circumstances may come and go, but God never changes. I want to encourage you that whatever you have been through or may be facing in your life there is Hope and there is possibility. Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be Impossible." I am a living witness of how God can do the impossible. The invitation of Christ is open to you. Try Jesus and open your heart, you will find Peace. Revelation 22:17 "And the Spirit and the bride say Come, and let him that heareth say Come, and let him that is athirst come, and whosoever will let him take the water of life freely." take the time to examine your life, and your relationship with Jesus Christ, is there one, it genuine? Do you Hope and Believe in Jesus......He paid a price for you, a price that is for eternity . I Challenge you to take a step of Faith, stop listening to the media, the world, science, and other peoples's advice. Listen to God, and try him for yourself. Each and every day I am learning and I am inspired to hold on and to Trust God! God with all of your heart, and you will find him, it starts by Believing him by FAITH.. Deuteronomy 4:29 "But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul."
Please be inspired and blessed with my coming music, hymnal songs, words of Hope and more!
I Welcome you and Invite you!
Hope and Believe!
Rosemary Ajoseh;-)

Letter of Hope Merch available at
*Shipping only within the U.S.

Rosemary Ajoseh's New Album "Letter of Hope" is now in the digital stores!

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#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Dengiyefa Akene Featured In #MusicLov3rz August!


That’s what Dengiyefa Akene represents. A husband, father, an entrepreneur multifaceted in different streams of life, Dengiyefa Akene continues to pursue His God given purpose.

Even in the deepest of trenches, the power of God can transform you into a vessel of Hope.

Dengiyefa has been through it all, struggling with rejection, depression, and a low self-esteem which are just some of the many trials he has faced. And where others saw hopelessness and despair, God was positioning him to accomplish his true purpose in life: ministering through gospel music which resonates with every demographic. His life story further motivates him to inspire others and make a positive impact through whatever he does as guided by the Holy Spirit. A Singer-Songwriter and a Gospel Recording Artist, Dengiyefa is determined to use his talents as a force for good.

Dengiyefa is set to soon release his new EP titled A New Day on July 31st, 2020! 

Social Media
Twitter: Dengiefa
Facebook: @iamdengiyefa

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pastor Jaylon Calhoun Returns To #MusicLov3rz July!

The song "Renew My Praise" was Pastor Jay's prayer during the pandemic. The song was inspired by God at 3 am when God gave him the lyric for the song, and with the amazing producer Mo Danger, the two were able to make this great worship song. 
The song was intended to encourage the listener in a time of grief and a time of hopelessness to be reminded that God can renew your praise in the midst of the chaos, and when you are at your lowest, you can ask God to help you through with a new song and increase of faith. 
The most powerful part of the song is "all storms run out of rain, the pain will fade away, all storms run out of rain all my tears He wipes away." 
So make sure to get this single from all platforms and join the 18k listeners that have already fallen in love with this timeless piece.   

Connect with Pastor Jaylon Calhoun

Get "Renew My Praise" on 
#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

Daniel Ojo Returns To #MusicLov3rz July!!

Daniel Ojo a Gospel Artist and a Worship Leader of The Psalmist Music Ministry, based in Ottawa, Canada. Multi-Nominated Gospel Artist with one passion of spreading the love of God through music, and leading souls to Christ. Daniel Ojo is happily married to the love of his life Augustina Ojo. Daniel Ojo has released a number of singles the likes of "God is Alive Now", "ABBA Father", "Hod Great You Are" and others. He just released a new sound titled "Sweeter Than Honey" featuring Geoffrey Golden, a Gospel Artist, Worship Leader and Sunday Best Winner from Atlanta Georgia.

"Sweeter Than Honey" was written and composed by Daniel Ojo during one of the worship sessions in preparation for a worship night. This song is a reminder of the sweetness of God's presence, love, grace, mercies and faithfulness through the years.
This song is so timely with everything going on all around the world, I hope this reminds us of God's sweetness in every situation.
He's "Sweeter Than Honey" and The Most Beautiful One!


Instagram: @daniel_psalmist
Twitter: @danielpsalmist_
Facebook: @thepsalmistmusic
SoundCloud: @the-psalmist-music

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide

† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †
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Check out Daniel Ojo's previous releases too!!! We pray they will BLESS you!!

God is Alive Now By Daniel Ojo ft. Ryan Ofei

(Released May 1, 2020)

This song came to me during the just concluded "Worship Watch For The Nations" aired live on Facebook representing the nation of Canada, leading thousands of people in worship all over the world. This song rose up in my heart "God is alive" and not just alive, He is Alive NOW! With the on going pandemic, depression, fear, anxiety and death going on, the enemy's agenda is to make us feel like our God is dead, but this song is a reminder that our God is alive, and he is alive now even in the midst of it all. He is the way maker, our healer, deliverer, provider, protector, strong tower.
I am privileged to have my brother and friend Ryan Ofei be a part of the Facebook live worship session and also a great part of this song!!!
I pray as we listen to this song, faith will be stirred up in us and we will arise in the strength of God this season. There shall be restoration, deliverance, healing and salvation.

- ABBA Father By Daniel Ojo ft. Daphne Richardson
(Released March 14, 2020)

God gave me this song Feb. 15 2019 at a worship night. I felt the presence of God so close and real to me as a father more than anything else and saw the desire in his heart, longing for a deeper and loving relationship with us as his children, i quickly brought out my phone and recorded the chorus. This song is a song that reminds us God is our father, even though He is the God of all, He is the King of kings, He is all the great names in the bible, yet when he taught us to pray, he showed us his greatest desire by starting with "Our Father".. and not just "God in heaven". And in that understanding we can easily find rest and trust in him. That essentially what this song is all about. Bringing us to the place of relationship, fellowship and Trust in our heavenly father.
I am honoured to share the recording with my dear friend and amazing worshipper Daphne Richardson, and we wrote and composed the rest of the song together. Great pleasure working with her on this song as she poured out her heart in the recording of this song.
I pray this blesses everyone that listens and draw us closer to God not just as a religious act, but as a relationship with our father.

- How Great You Are By Daniel Ojo ft. Javis Mays
(Released Nov. 18, 2019)

This song was birthed in prayer from the story of David and Goliath in 1 Sam. 17. The entire people of Israel had all their attention on Goliath and his boasting, no one could go against him, not even the king. But here comes David who had
a different mindset. He had a testimony of how God has saved and delivered him from Lion and the bear. How quickly the Israelite forgot how God had brought them far. We know the rest of the story, David killed Goliath!!! So can you!

In prayer, I began to shift my attention to the greatness of God and away from any problems or issues I have going on. And then the song came, ran into my studio, pen it down, recorded it and that's pretty much it.
I pray that as many as listen to this song, God will be magnified in their heart and in every situation. As we worship God and begin to magnify him, we will begin to see his work wonders in our lives.
I am so honored to have my brother Javis Mays from Orlando, Florida featured in this song.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Minister John E. Ross Returns to #MusicLov3rz Magazine July!


Apostle Designate Minister John E Ross, was Born September 3rd 1966, in Quincy, Illinois. He was raised in the Quad Cities. He began directing choir at The age of 13. Minister Ross repented and accepted Our Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord at the age of 14, and was reborn on July 12, 2012.

Minister Ross has served as:
  • Minister of Music at The Mount Olive C.O.G.I.C.
  • District Minister Of Music for The M.W. Goodman District C.O.G.I.C.
  • State Choir Director for The Iowa State C.O.G.I.C.
  • Vice President to Professor Iris Stevenson for The International Teen Choir C.O.G.I.C
  • Minister Ross was influenced to write, teach, and record by The Late Legendary Dr Mattie Moss Clark.
  • Minister John E Ross has directed for Dr. Bobby Jones with a featured song written by himself, titled "Awesome God."
  • He's been featured on Bobby Jones B.E.T. Gospel Videos "95"
Minister John Ross has shared the stage with Dr Ricky Dillard, Dannie Belle Hall, John P Kee, Lawrence Matthews, The Late Timothy Wright, and Beverly Crawford, just to name a few.

He recorded his first CD titled Awesome God in 1993, He Recorded With Dr Robert Davis and The New Fellowship District Choir C.O.G.I.C., using a song written by Minister Ross titled "This May Be My Last Chance."

In 2014, Apostle Ross founded "The Omega International Prophetic Ministries" which is an online Ministry, and created and began hosting the award winning, "Let's Talk To The Lord" Gospel Radio Talk Show, and The Let's Talk To The Lord Gospel Radio Station.

The Let's Talk The Lord Gospel Radio Talk Show can be heard on Iheartradio, YouTube, Spotify, Alexa, Itunes, Spreaker., and Radio Stations in The U.S. and England.. Apostle Designate Minister John E Ross is currently Ministering On The Radio Teaching and Ministering The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and telling the world what Jesus crucified and Christ's resurrection has done for all who believe.

Minister Ross recorded "Remember Now Thy Creator" with International Teen Choir C.O.G.I.C. in 1995.

He re-recorded "Remember Now Thy Creator" in 2018 With Artist's King David Tha Vessel, Anewduo, and Doctrinn. Produced by Brotha Minista and remixed by DJ Rich Williams.

The current Remix EP is available for purchase on Amazon | Google Play | Apple Music | Spotify

Listen to Let's Talk To The Lord Radio on
Get the "Let's Talk To The Lord Radio" App for Android at:

You can also hear "Remember Now Thy Creator Remix" on Pandora

Also check out his Sister's book:
Spiritual Guidance Through Alzheimer's Dis-Ease

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

Sunday, June 21, 2020

#MusicLov3rzRadio 24/7 Christian Music!

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Big H3lp Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine July

Statistically, Larrin Webster should be in jail or dead.
But God.
As a young teen he got caught up in the drug life swirling around him. What many adults did not know was the star of the high school football team was a drug dealer.
But God.
Before he became Big H3LP Webster was a poor kid, in a poor neighborhood with a lot of ugliness around him. Growing up in Elkton, Maryland his parents were not much of a presence. Dad got out of poverty by getting into a professional football career. Larrin will tell you his dad loves him, but life got in the way.
His absence was not intentional. He just managed as anyone would, making the best out of what he knew having come from a life of poverty,” Larrin said. 
With Mom also lost in drugs, and Larrin working the streets to provide for his family, he suffered a life-altering event at the age of 18. A gunshot wound left him paralyzed from the waist down. With any hope of a professional football career for himself dashed, dealing was once again his only source of income. He moved from dealer to supplier.
“I was unable to run or move like the average person,” he said of his new life of confinement. “But I still managed to touch large quantities of drugs from cocaine, crack, pills, weed, PCP, promethazine, codeine, and anything I could get my hands on to make a dollar,” he said.
But God.
While he was surrounded by demons others in his life were praying for Big H3LP. One day it happened.
“I was finally tired,” he said. No matter how much he hustled he never got ahead. Through the weariness he heard the call of God on his life and answered.
Once a player with an attitude and a shady past, Webster found himself more days than not, on his knees in prayer and voraciously reading the Bible.
God was really moving in his life, leading him to a church, which in turn led him to his wife. It was far from easy, he said and continues to say to this day.
“I never claim to be perfect but I will claim to be  hungry to experience the things of God,” he said. “Every time that I fell I got back up and kept pushing.”
But God.
Big H3LP now finds himself arm in arm with his Savior, doing God’s work every day. Now a motivational speaker, singer, designer, entrepreneur, mentor, minister of the gospel and so many other things to bring glory to Gods kingdom, Webster has found the Peace that passes understanding.
“I’m here to show you through my whole life that what you go through is that makes you equipped for the kingdom,” he said. “No matter who you are you can experience Gods salvation.”
Reaching those the world rejects, Webster has one goal through his new life in Christ: “Lord send me I will go to the lost and broken no matter the circumstances or the distance I’ll have to travel because I know You’re with me.

Get Big H3lp's single "Good Morning" & connect with him on:

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Brittany Henry Featured In #MusicLov3rz July!

Finding Purpose in Suffering

Brittany Henry | Worship Leader & Freelance Writer | @BHMtweetz

This testimony is an excerpt taken from, “Finding Purpose in Suffering: One woman’s journey to faith.” 

“I feel like everything is going to be okay. Why do I feel like everything is going to be okay? It looks really bad,” I reasoned within myself. I was letting what my eyes saw dictate what I believed. I would pray and believe the LORD was working it out, but then when I went and looked at my kid, she still looked sick. In fact, she looked worse! 

“Why do people keep reaching out to me, telling me the LORD told them things would be okay. Every time I come back and look at my kid, she looks worse,” I thought to myself. I was walking by sight. I wasn’t walking by faith, and I didn’t want to believe anyone because I was afraid of being devastated when what I was praying for didn’t happen. I was afraid that I would keep believing God for healing and wake up one morning to my daughters dead. I was afraid to believe, to hope, to have faith but faith was what was needed. Hope was needed. 

I never had to have faith while literally staring into the antithesis of what I prayed for. It was painful. I wished I was dead. I wished the world itself did not exist for all its suffering. 

“Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of 
things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith, 
we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that 
things which are seen were not made of things which do appear 
(Hebrews 11:1-3).” 

Did my faith reach beyond those things that were seen? Every day, someone I knew, through a friend of a friend, was dying. I deserved nothing. The world itself seemed to be under the wrath of God. Would the Lord heal my daughters in the midst of all this? 

To read more purchase, “Finding Purpose in Suffering”  available now on

Brittany Henry currently serves as the worship leader at Mt. Peniel COGIC in Fredericksburg Virginia. Her new single, “Whatever It Is” is available on all digital outlets on June 22, 2020.  To learn more about her ministry please visit

Connect with Brittany Henry and get her single "Whatever It Is" at:

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

Thursday, June 4, 2020

K.A.R.M.A. Returns To #MusicLov3rz Magazine July Edition!

K.A.R.M.A (Knowledge of All Revelation Made Apparent) a Holy Hip Hop lyricist born and raised in San Jose, CA. While in High School, Karma knew he had a gift to write rhymes. Coming from the streets of San Jose, headed down a path of destruction, Karma saw his life flash before his eyes in a vision. When he gave his life to Christ, the passion to write was still burning inside him, but this time it would be used for the advancement of the Kingdom of God
KARMA just finished his sixth solo album called Deep See. The album Deep See is an album that is a perspective that challenges the listener to go deeper into the things of God, with songs like Paul Revere. “You can call me Paul Revere, town cryer” where KARMA is warning God’s people of Christ’s return.
As a preacher of the gospel, KARMA has traveled from the Valley to the Bay Area performing at various youth events, church gatherings, and parties, not to mention the California State Fair spreading the word of God through gospel rap music. He’s also shared the stage with fellow Holy Hip Hop artists locally. KARMA has a style like no other, bringing life lessons and the word of God through lyrical sermons. 

Get his brand new album "DEEP SEE":

#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †

The Joe Davis Band Returns To #MusicLov3rz July!

The JDB has a relentless work ethic. Shedding blood to show off original works of musical art and sharing with their fans almost daily. Riding through the night playing every show that they possibly can get in and be apart of. Going the extra miles to be heard. Creating new original music and standing by it.
Not caving to what society wants or the latest trend. You won't hear of the JDB changing its style or selling out its beliefs for money, or even for the status quo. This is a real band. A band who has their own ideals and their own pursuit of music glory. That pursuit is to bring a live, crushing rock show to the people with heart & soul in a big display of sonic power. To stand by their fans who have stood by them all these years. The songs are not your typical rock songs, they are very unique. High velocity music mixed with southern hard rock and delta blues. With an original sound and creation of songs. This is one of the most original bands playing and recording music today. Delta slide guitar mixed into hard rock, chicken pickin' guitars on overload. Thunderous drums, and a crushing bass. With a real honest sincere vocals. They represent the percentage of people who are different and special. A band that stands for freedom. Freedom to be yourself. No matter who you are or what you are. A band that says "you're an individual" and "you are our friend" and "you are always accepted at a JDB show." We have a incredible following of crazy fans from all walks of life who follow the band relentlessly.

 Joe Davis is an extreme guitarist and an award winning singer who has been playing guitar his entire existence. Working in all facets of the music industry from recordings to live appearances in all walks of music life. With many albums and recordings released worldwide, his love for music and guitars has kept him in the spotlight, It is so much to try to put this into words because there is so much to his career, We tried to condense it. Thank you for reading.

Joe Davis has recorded with Duane Allman's 1957 Gibson Gold top guitar and has helped share it with the world again after it has been off the scene for 40 years. The Layla guitar is back. Landing in the hands of the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, Vince Gill and many more greats. (more to come on this and make sure to check out the Skydog Woody project album featuring, Duane's axe and Allen Woody's bass as well by Joe Davis) With seven albums out, and a relentless fan base of all ages people, from all walks of life, the JDB has a massive love for their fans and friends promising to always deliver the very best show for their money. Always.

Connect with The Joe Davis Band on

Get all things JDB including their new album, The Blue & The Gray, which features the hit song "Hand of God" & their latest release "Forever My Child" on their website

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#MusicLov3rz July 2020 - Independent Music Worldwide
† 3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year" † "Magazine of the Year" 🙏 Independent Music For The Lord of All Genres †