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Monday, March 12, 2018

Tania Momperousse Featured In #LOV3RZ April

Tania Momperousse Is Coming to #LOV3RZ Magazine April!

We share her full story... here's a preview of it.

I’ve taken my life experiences and channeled them towards a bigger purpose:
I have a channel on YouTube , “Journey to a Whole Woman”, where I reach out and discuss the everyday struggles of teens and woman. I have also completed my first single, “Wonderful”, which I wrote 4 years ago while contemplating God’s love; and recently wrote a song to “Konte sou li”, translated “Count on him”, which is a song dedicated to the people of Haiti, a message that I felt that God wanted me to relay to his people.

Preview & buy her music on:

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Kellie Leigh, Founder, #MusicLov3rz

Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every independent step forward is a leap towards the truth. The truth of real music, real artists & real people"

~Kellie Leigh, Founder #MusicLov3rz

#MusicLov3rz is a worldwide community of Independent Music Artists.  Founder, Kellie Leigh, worked for 14+ years in Entertainment Sales & Marketing as one of the top Executives for Broadcast & Corporate Owned Digital Start-ups before realizing what her true calling was. To quote Paul, "I count it all but dung compared to having the knowledge of Jesus Christ."

In 2009, the world of Marketing changed and she was one of the early adapters who learned the ins and outs of Social Media.  She is a part of many international consultant networks, and started the community in 2012 after having a God given vision. 

She knew this was her destiny. The rest is history! "I will leave out the details of the blood, sweat, tears & 18 hour days and just make it look like over a million music loving followers just happened overnight. Nope, ours are real, and so are the Godly relationships we have built along the way." Being in full time ministry for almost 8 years has had it's challenges, but it is all worth it.

Most of our artists are on the Amazon & iTunes charts and have had many great accomplishments, even the ones just starting out... In the past 9 months, 2 of our album promotions have ranked in on Amazon Best Sellers in the Top 100 Christian albums. 

Though most of our artists have MANY years of experience in the business, we pride ourselves on being connected with the best of the best, the ones that God sends to us. 

We thank the Lord for blessing our community, our message, our brand and achievements. We run our own race and don't try to be anyone but ourselves. We are 100% independent BY CHOICE and so are our artists.

We promote CLEAN MUSIC ONLY & work in all genres of Christian/Gospel, and with artists who want to spread peace, love & unity through music. Diverse artists who have the same vision and goals as us.

If you are an artist who is 100% in it for the Lord, to take back His territory and claim what He has given us, and you take your business SERIOUSLY, you will be considered to be a part of our initiatives. Our artists are WORLD CHANGERS.

God told us to share and spread His love around the world, and we're pretty much 100% obedient, taking many giant leaps of faith along the way.

#MusicLov3rz Radio launched in February 2018!!! Playing the best of clean positive inspirational music from around the globe 24h a day! (Also tune in to our Christian Hip-Hop rotation nightly from 10:30PM EST to 2AM EST) at 

Sending TONS OF #LOV3 to you all... Please follow on Twitter @ArtistsUnitedWW @MusicLov3rzRdo @MusicLov3rzMag
& IG

God Bless!

Kellie Leigh
Nominated for "Influencer Of The Year 2020" at the Kingdom Image Awards & "Kingdom Influencer" at the 2020 Golf Coast Gospel Music Awards!
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Founder, #MusicLov3rz Magazine, Community & Radio
3x Award Nominee "Media Publication of the Year""Magazine of the Year" & "Media Outlet of the Year"(2020 Kingdom Image Awards)
Freelance Marketing Consultant | Corporate Media Since '98 | Independent Online Media Since 2012
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Bishop Alphonso Smith Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine March Edition

Bishop Alphonso Smith Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine March Edition

A few months after Bishop Alphonso Smith recorded” It’s in You.” He was preaching a sermon “Don’t Die with your Dreams” and when he made a sudden move, his T2 and T3 exploded. In pain, Bishop Alphonso Smith completed the message while holding on to the podium. When he finished his sermon, he had to be carried to the car and driven home. Bishop Smith minimized the pain, assuming it was a pinched nerve. Shortly after lying down at home his body began to swell and he was taken to urgent care. 

Read his whole story & download "Legendary" on:

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#LOV3RZ Independent Magazine March 2018
62 pages, published 2/24/2018
#LOV3RZ Magazine Clean Positive Independent Music From Around The World! #MusicLov3rz