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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Curtis Fondren Featured In #LOV3RZ August!

The epitome of a seasoned music professional, Curtis Fondren is a master percussionist having performed in various genres with adept musicians and singers including Fontella Bass, David Peaston, Dionne Warwick, Lester Bowie, Tramaine Hawkins, Rev. Jessy Dixon, The Barrett Sisters, Rev. James Cleveland, Vanessa Bell Armstong, Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Operation Push Choir, Albertina Walker and Kim McFarland to name a few.
In over 3 decades, Curtis developed and perfected his craft while playing on numerous recordings of the Reverend Clay Evans and the Fellowship Baptist Church Choir, Dr. Charles G. Hayes and the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Choir (including the Gold selling Jesus Can Work It Out LP), Gospel Music Legends Donald and Geraldine Gay, Rev. Calvin Bridges and a host of others. Those recordings led to the doors of opportunity which would take him across the United States and abroad.

Today, Curtis serves as an integral part of the musical dream team at the Christian Tabernacle Church Baptist, accompanying the famed Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir, under the leadership of Gospel Music icon Pastor Maceo L. Woods. In addition, Curtis served as part of the musical staff of Chicago’s renowned Black Ensemble Theater under the leadership of Jackie Taylor. He has been featured on both the Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue Shows as well as WGN Morning News and Fox Thing in the Morning.
In his capacity as lyricist and songwriter, his music has been recorded by David Peaston as well as placement in a full-length feature film. Curtis served as co-producer for Reverend Clay Evans and the Ship, What a Legacy disc that spent some 16 weeks on the Billboard Top
Gospel Albums charts in 2016, reaching number 3. In addition to work on his first CD “Heart Songs and Other Melodies”, Curtis released his first EP and continues to write and produce for other artists.
Curtis is endorsed by Soultone cymbals.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Stephen King Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August Edition!

Stephen Thomas King, (born August 23, 1991), more commonly known as Stephen T. King, is a captivating American Christian/Gospel rap artist, songwriter, minister, and a true ambassador of Christ Jesus. Stephen King is a passionate, Holy Spirit filled gospel artist who promotes the kingdom of God through Christ Jesus by evangelizing (Christian mission work), edifying the love of God in song, rhymes, praise, and worship. Stephen T. King music emphasizes the fact that Gospel rap music should express truth, clearly, and peace which comes from the Most High God and motivating hip-hop fans to return to the Bible.

Gospel Rapper-Stephen King was born in Champaign–Urbana Illinois and was also raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, where his family currently resides. Stephen T. King presently lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana. In New Orleans, Stephen was invited to be part of the first Christian Rap Cypher in New Orleans history. Stephen King opened up for artist Dee-1’s “Sling Shot David tour” along with Nola’s gospel award artists on the first Christian Rap Cypher such as Favor, Lucky Lou, Casme, and Andy Rebirth.

On Apr 21, 2018, Stephen released his second single as a music video entitled “Superhero” ”off his debut album “No Secrets”. Videos were produced by Dale Scott from the Underground State of Art. This song highlights the notion that Jesus Christ is a superhero as well as a saviour. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

B/Chriss Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August!

B/Chriss is a 25 year old hip hop artist born and raised in Rossville, GA. Chriss draws inspiration from his faith, life experiences, and his love for "old school" hip hop. As a kid, Chriss listened to artists like RUN DMC, 2Pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Notorious BIG, LL Cool J, Naughty By Nature and Ice Cube. 

The boom-bap sound and intricate rhyme schemes quickly caught his creative streak and Chriss set out to make music that would be nostalgic as well as share his passion and love of the message of Jesus. His goal is to share God's love and passion through hip hop while bringing something new to the table. 

Chriss is constantly experimenting with his sound to bring something innovative and fresh. Through his journey he has constantly had to remind himself of three things: B/ Creative, B/ Bold, B/ You. Now he wants to share that message of hope and encouragement with the world.

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Andre Nostalgic Brown Featured In #LOV3RZ August!

Your passion and love for what you do is what will connect you with your audience, so we want to support you and your vision. Hailing from the bottom of the map, Miami, Florida, Andre Nostalgic comes with an inspirational word mixing it with old school rhythm and rhyme. 

Andre Nostalgic, born Andre Leo Brown, founded Bearded Tracks in 2016 where he produces and writes all of his music. After joining his middle school band at the age of 14, he developed a musical bug he just could not shake. Ever since that monumental moment in middle school, many have praised him on his talent to play the baritone horn and compose music. Being that Andre Nostalgic is a very spiritual person, his church upbringing definitely comes out in his music. . He credits the incomparable George Clinton and Earth Wind And Fire as a few of his musical inspirations. "When I create music it is an unexplainable feeling," said Andre Nostalgic. "It is something I love to do. It is my passion."

Andre Nostalgic has a positive approach to his music, and most of the messages in his songs are about living life to the fullest and enjoying everything that life brings. Glorifying the love of Jesus Christ. With his smooth calm swagger and inspirational message, Andre Nostalgic is definitely the man to watch out for.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

All.Above.North Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August Edition!

My name is JT and I am a Christian. I love music, and I love serving God through music.  That is why I started ‘all.above.north’.  ‘all.above.north’ is a Christian music project committed to sharing personal testimony about God through music.  The extract below is a little bit of the story of how I got here... Going into Christmas 2014, I was a ‘luke-warm’ Christian, I was in a job that I didn’t enjoy and I was struggling with the sudden onset of what I believed to be career related anxiety and stress – then God made his move. Now in the background to all this I was composing - so much in fact that in early 2015 I began to dream about doing music full time. I imagined getting a record deal and then going into my boss’ office with my resignation, safe in the knowledge that I was getting paid for my music.  But still all this composing was just dabbling in the process of recording music and the idea of making a Christian album never entered my mind. However I found the composing began to get much more traction when I finally resolved to commit to writing music for God's cause and glory. So I would work in my day-job Monday to Friday and write and compose on the weekend.  Then one day I was in my car sitting at traffic lights chatting to God about how all this music recording thing was going to work, with money and jobs and time etc.  

You know, really allowing the worldly things to crowd my thoughts, when suddenly I received a thought so vividly, profound and loud that I stopped my rantings in mid thought.  There and then God simply told me, "Build your ark."  I was like, “What does that mean?  God I am trying to sort out serious things like money and jobs and you tell me to “build my ark”?  I knew the Noah story, but when I got home that night I went back to my scriptures and read over it again.  It was then that I realized that God had told Noah to do something crazy and in the eyes of the world – stupid even. Build a massive boat in the middle of the land, and oh, then get two of every kind of living animal and put them on the boat, and then get in the boat with the animals and your family and wait.  Why?  Because I, God, will take care of bringing the water, and I will bring it in floods!  I realized then that God was telling me to shut up, trust Him - just write and record the album.  He will take care of the rest!

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Young C Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August Edition!

Born and raised in Southern California, Young C bounced around from Riverside, Las Vegas, and Anaheim before finally settling in Beaumont, Ca. Chris has been rapping since 06’ and has been having minor success in the secular genres. Performing at regional venues and occasionally featured with local established artists, it was expected that Young C would be the next big name out of SoCal. 

In 2009, an unorganized mixed cd landed in the hands of a major label signed group. With their guidance and direction, Young C released his first major project entitled Phor Groath (“for growth”) in fall of 2011. The goal was to capture the personal growth of Chris as an artist, father, and a man. The reaction to this mixtape was bigger than expected as it sparked acknowledgement by the likes of 99.1 KGGI’s radio personality ODM. It was clear that Chris had just barely scratched the surface.

As years passed, Chris’ versatility began to grow. With a foundation of hip-hop, his rugged sound began to take on the characteristics of rock, rhythm and blues, and funk. Allowing him to incorporate real lyrics into music that appeals to all ages. Bottom line, he is the old sound in a new voice. 

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Marie Galloway Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August Edition!

Marie Galloway- singer songwriter producer 
Singing and writing since the age of 10. Taught myself how to play guitar by ear and shortly after transitioned to the keyboard! Have written more than 50 songs and still writing with producing 11 of those songs in the past year!  2 Ep’s have been recently released called “It’s All About Him” (Dec 2017) and “It’s All About Him - I Owe You (June 2018) a continuation of the first EP.
God has been so good to me over the many years and my desire is to put out music that will touch the hearts of people all over the world and encourage them to stand in the day of adversity with mercy and love as their guide! May God Bless You!

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Kevin Gullickson - Radio Drive Returns To #LOV3RZ Magazine August Edition

Radio Drive is an Alternative Pop Rock band featuring Kevin Gullickson. As the engine behind Radio Drive, Kevin has won international awards and nominations for his songs and music videos. The music of Radio Drive is being aired on radio around the world alongside major artists and is receiving rave reviews by music critics. He has been featured on web zines and radio shows in Europe, Canada and the USA.  Kevin’s music has landed on charts on indie stations around the world, including Canada, Germany, the UK and the South Pacific. His music has been used on shows airing on Animal Planet, National Geographic, Comedy Central, Fox Channels, History Channel, Spike TV and Discovery Channel in the USA and TV programs in England, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. 

Kevin is no stranger to LOV3RZ Magazine, as we first met him after his release in 2014 “A Taste of Heaven”.  Since then, Kevin worked with producer Stuart Epps in 2015 to release another single “Humanity”. Stuart has worked with some of the most influential artists in music, including George Harrison, Bill Wyman, Jimmy Page, Elton John, Oasis and more. Kevin now has the honor of being listed among the artists Stuart has worked with. The result is a magnificent song entitled “Humanity”. 

Catch up with Kevin Gullickson of Radio Drive in #LOV3RZ Magazine August edition where we share his whole story!

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Groove Inc Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August

After recording Feather In The Sky, Michael Heinzelmann, Jack Scannell and I decided to follow it up with another song! I heard another track Mike and Jack done, and asked them immediately if I could put vocals and lyrics to it. They said sure, go for it, and I came up with Make It Fast, a song about doing wrong and dancing with the devil, Make It Fast means you better RUN TO GOD for forgiveness! 

When I hear the music they have, lyrics always come quickly (I feel it instantly!!!) So, once again Mixed and Mastered by Cedrick D. Mack, and a cool video done by Kellie Leigh (Yeah Yeah!!!) 
We all were quite pleased!!! International collaborations are a beautiful thing, so many people worldwide have great music, Michael and Jack's happens to be Hip Hop Jazz!!! Being from New Jersey and growing up listening to the finest R&B groups and vocalists, and some of the most creative bass lines ever heard, Michael Heinzelmann definitely knew what he was doing, and along with his keyboard work, and Jack's soulful sax and flute made it a match from Heaven! 

Our name we go by is GROOVE, INC. and my lyrics come out to be, what I call, Spiritual Jazz!!! 

We're currently working on song #3, so watch out!!!! I will be going to Berlin soon to meet these talented men, shake there hands and take a bunch of photos for future projects! 

This is the beginning of a very cool collaboration.....and it will only get stronger with the Lord giving us continuous vision! Thanks for connecting, everyone! Michael, Jack and James!

Catch GROOVE INC's work in #LOV3RZ Magazine July & August edition!

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