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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ejiro Melkam Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May Edition - Front Cover!

Ejiro Melkam is an anointed worship leader, gospel artist, actress and singer/songwriter with a vision to reach people with a message of encouragement and hope through her music. 

The Nigerian-born British singer who is based in Manchester is passionate about mentoring the next generation with an undeniable desire for true worship and prayer. Her musical journey started at the age of 10 as a choir director and since then, she has inspired many to become skilled singers with a solid foundation in Christ. Ejiro grew up around music with parents, siblings, and relatives that are music lovers and professional musicians. Over the years, she has made a massive impact to the gospel music scene without releasing an EP or official album. She is well renowned in the UK gospel circle as a brilliant outstanding vocalist and has earned a reputation for performing a wide range of repertoires and genres with an absolute commitment to the essence of traditional gospel music especially in worship ministry.

​Ejiro has graced stages such as RCCG Festival of Life in London and Manchester (the UK’s largest Christian gathering with a crowd of over 40,000 people), she featured as a supporting act to world-renowned gospel artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard at The Inhabitation Manchester and many major events within the UK. She has performed as a backing vocalist for great gospel artists such as Noel Robinson, Donnie McClurkin, Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, Ron Kenoly and many more. She has also been actively involved in theatre performances and starred as Motormouth Maybelle in the stage performance of Hairspray in 2015, which received rave reviews from famous UK actress Sheridan Smith, critics and UK newspapers alike.

One published review quote: “Another stand out number was ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’, performed by Ejiro Melkam as ‘Motormouth Maybelle’. The audience was left astounded by the pure strength and quality of her voice. At the end of the night the audience in the stalls gave the cast a well-deserved standing ovation”- Nantwich News published Nov 5, 2015.

Ejiro was also part of the line-up of singers for Lion King 2012 stage production in Manchester. She has also worked with television stations in the UK such as iTV and the BBC. She sang on the live recording of iTV Christmas Carols in 2015 and 2016. She also performed at BBC Songs of Praise in April 2018 in honour of the Windrush generation, which was broadcast worldwide.

Her debut single titled ‘’Deserved’’ produced by EzyJ Productions, was released in October 2017 and ranked number 8 on the UK Christian Chart of the same year. Deserved, is her testimony of overcoming tough times, various life challenges and still finding favour and grace from God. It was followed by an official video released in March 2018, which brought about international recognition and a tour that took her to Switzerland, Nigeria, Germany, Spain, Norway and around the UK in 2018.

2019 is an exciting year for Ejiro’s music as her 7-track debut album titled “The Beginning” produced by Dan Stirling Audio and featuring a collaboration with MOBO award nominee Andrew Bello is scheduled for online release on February 2nd. Followed by an official music concert launch in April 2019.

Her debut album “The Beginning” looks at her journey as a believer from a young age. Faced with some acute family crisis and her mother’s struggle with a severe health condition, worship and prayers became her hiding place and therapy. This helped her appreciate life and look forward to a purposeful future in Christ. Through the years, God has spoken to her in dreams and visions about His calling on her life to minister to the lost and hurting through worship. This brought about her lifelong desire to lead worship. It gave her a purpose and at the age of 10, she joined her church choir and the rest is history. During an interview with Premier Gospel Radio UK, Ejiro said:

“The message I always want to get across to people with my music is that we’re not defined by our past or circumstances. We’re defined by our own destiny and knowing who we are. Believing that we can do all things regardless of where we’re from or what we’ve been through. Dreams can only be a reality if we are bold enough to step up to the task. My prayer is that as people listen to my music, God will birth a new beginning in their lives. A renewed boldness to step out in faith and become something greater than what they ever imagined”
In 2018, Ejiro had the privilege to work with the reputable UK music production company Elegance Management and MOBO award-winning singer/songwriter and vocal coach Rachel Kerr. They have worked together to produce an outstanding album due for release in the summer of 2019. The highly anticipated album is sure to dazzle, impact lives and achieve great outcomes.

Ejiro is not just a brilliant worshipper but also a highly intelligent career woman. As a qualified Biochemist, she also re-trained as a Midwife at the University of Manchester and is in the process of setting up a sponsorship programme that focuses on mentoring youths to be actively involved in charitable causes within their community. Most importantly, Ejiro is happily married and blessed with three adorable children.

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& catch our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with her in #MusicLov3rz Magazine May edition!
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Norris Williams Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May Edition!

My mission is to encourage the discouraged through the messages in my music. To give hope where there is none, knowing God can do things for them who believe. 
Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, Norris L. Williams realized he had a strong passion for music and wanted his music to touch many lives across the world in a positive way at a young age. Life changed for Norris as he grew older and he began pursuing a career in the food service industry aspiring to be a Chef, yet his passion for music still remained in his spirit. As time began to get away he began to experiment with drugs, which caused massive depression. It was upon hearing a song on the radio (Standing In The Need Of Prayer, John Pee Kee) that propelled Norris into the world of Gospel music.
For Norris it was upon attending a religious service that inspired him to write and produce his first Christian song "A Voice For Jesus" for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Wayne Cochran, this opportunity led Norris to many other opportunities and started Norris on his musical journey once again, uplifting and encouraging all whom he would perform for.

Through many experiences, trials, and victories Norris now brings to you a powerful and uplifting lyrical word that will inspire his listeners to stand on God's word and know that there is victory by the word of God for those who believe. Norris began to spread his musical wings and started a 3 member group named C.L.O.S.E. (Choosing Love Over Societies Evolution). C.L.O.S.E. uplift’s God’s word through their music reaching out to those in need of encouragement during troubled times.
Norris Williams is currently in the studio finishing his debut album as well as touring regionally. 

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Get his story and updates in #MusicLov3rz Magazine!

#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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Monday, April 29, 2019

Stephen Halliwell Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May Edition!

Stephen Halliwell is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter from northern New Jersey, who also participates in the worship band at Hawthorne Gospel Church and periodically leads worship at Bible studies for Calvary Chapel in Passaic.

"I am unable read music or write musical notes. I am starting to learn how to write chords and I have struggled to play any musical instruments. Being a singer/songwriter was never on my radar. And yet, it seems like God has a history of using those who should be unable. Ten years ago, He saw fit to let me write the lyrics and melody of a worship song. Since that time, He has blessed me with the opportunity to write over 500 worship songs and has brought talented musicians into my life who have helped me fully realize that which I could hear only inside my head. 

As a songwriter, the first question I ask of everything I write is: 'Does it accurately and truthfully reflect scripture?' In an age where so much of the desire is to move away from the Bible (sometimes even in the church), my goal is to bring everything back to it in a way that resonates and connects with whoever may be listening. You can have great instrumentation, an unforgettable melody, and slick rhymes, but if the words are not truth, then to me, it's just noise. It's the truth of His Word that is world-changing.

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& learn more about Stephen in #MusicLov3rz Magazine May Edition!

#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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Greg Monk Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May!

Greg Monk is singer and songwriter committed to being a vessel for the Lord. Born in Dallas, Texas to a musical family, Monk embraced his musical talents early on by singing in talent shows and involving himself in various arts programs in high school. That tenacity led to a deal with an independent label shortly after high school. However, that didn’t pan out, thrusting Monk into a life as a family man committed to growing his relationship with God. That relationship has since matured and Monk is blessing audiences as a music ministry leader at his home church. Now, he’s hoping to bless audiences worldwide by infusing his gospel vocals over heart-touching and head-bouncing melodies. Monk is committed to releasing music that is upbeat, inspirational and relatable.~Tyler K. McDermott

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#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This Heart I Surrender Featured In #MusicLov3rz May!

THIS HEART I SURRENDER is more than just a name. It is a reminder that every time we get on stage, we strive for something greater than ourselves. Our story begins in a small town in Wisconsin, just two guys with a dream… A dream of writing, producing and sharing our music with the world.
Our musical journey started by getting in touch with a family friend who had a small make-shift recording studio in the back of his church. That is where we recorded a small EP with our first collection of original songs. Once the initial recording was completed, we began producing and mixing the album with the help of a friend that works for Hal Leonard Publishing. After what seemed like a really long time and a lot of sweat equity, THIS HEART I SURRENDER’s first EP “Make Us Yours” was born. We began playing shows, digitally streaming and producing our own videos. The initial response was fantastic, eventually catching the eye of a small label down in Savannah Georgia.
Little Bird + Big Sound was the opportunity we needed. After making a deal, we knew we would need some funding. We started a fundraiser and found our project fully funded within only 3 weeks. Band members Jourdan Westenberg and Jairius Stolar began writing some new songs, the band worked to produce two new singles under the Little Bird + Big Sound label. 
Get their FULL STORY in #MusicLov3rz Magazine May edition!!

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#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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Monday, April 22, 2019

Mika Morrow Feature In #MusicLov3rz May Edition!

Strong delivery. A raw love of music. Soulful heartfelt lyrics wrapped in a strong desire to serve. The humility of Mika Morrow will captivate you to no end and give you hope with inspirational lyrics from a worshippers heart. Born again, bible believer, Mika is on a mission to impact lost souls who needs guidance and healing in today’s world. Her soul is completely bared with uplifting and motivating lyrics that caters to all.

Mika Morrow is singer/ songwriter from Baltimore Maryland who has southern roots as well. Her mother discovered her gift of singing at an early age, entering her in multiple talent shows and contest. She attended the Baltimore School of The Arts where she majored in voice. In later years, she led Praise and Worship and sang on multiple choirs and also at her home church till 2017. Throughout the years she has traveled and performed background vocals for Ricky Dillard,Norman Hutchins, Tremaine Hawkins, Maurette Brown-Clark, Alexis Spight, Pastor Tammy Caesar and has travelled with her spiritual mentor Pastor Shirley Caesar.  On January 29, 2019 she released her very first single called “MOVE”, an inspirational song with a powerful message. 

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#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Michael Manhertz Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May

Michael Manhertz is one who is passionate about Christ. From a young age, having devoted his life to Christ and singing. he found his calling in the church as a profound worship leader and has been leading congregations in worship for years. Michael first noted his growing love for singing through entering a competition entitled ‘Teen Talent’ which focused on developing the gifts and talents in youth all over the world. He was awarded for winning Best Christian Contemporary Performance and has never looked back since! Since then, Michael brought forth his passion into the community through joining community choirs such as Brian Hamilton & Divine Worship and Matthew McIntosh & LIFE where his gifting only grew. 

Michael is currently working towards his debut album and currently has a single titled ‘Take It All’ available on all digital platforms.

Get his FULL STORY in #MusicLov3rz May!

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Christian Nuckels Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May!

Over the last 15 years, Christian Nuckels has released a volume of music, exploring various genres and styles throughout his career. Originally from Denton, TX, Nuckels began his musical journey in '99 as the frontman for the ska band, Six Foot Midget. SFM dissolved at the end of ‘03, just 6 months after launching their album "The Start of Something Small".

Christian began to focus on his solo career, writing primarily acoustic indie rock. In '04 he partnered with SFM's former producer, Justin Rana, to record his debut EP "Stating The Obvious". Nuckels spent several years playing the DFW Christian rock scene and Deep Ellum clubs. He had plans to release an LP titled "Something Out of Place" in 2006, but the project was cut short. Despite the setback, Christian released 2 songs from the project and several singles in the years to follow, including "Phoenix" which was co-written by former SFM guitarist, James Wilkins.

In '07 Christian took a hiatus to focus on his family and growing ministry as a Worship Pastor. Following the tragic death of his father in '09, he relocated to Annapolis, MD to work in full-time ministry and began writing and recording worship music. In ‘14, Christian moved to Arlington, VA and founded the worship band, Grace Rising, which released their debut LP in ‘16 and a live EP in ‘17. Nuckels left Grace Rising and relocated to Tulsa in June of ‘18. 

Christian Nuckels newest single "Raised To Life" (Alive & Free) & also his previous release "Shepherd" are available on: 
#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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Monday, April 15, 2019

Jack McComas Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May

Jack McComas is a prophetic singer and songwriter from Dayton, Ohio. For the last 15 years he has partnered with Jesus to write songs that flow out of the place of prayer and meditation. He and his wife Jenn founded and direct the Dayton Student House of Prayer. His lifestyle of abiding with Jesus has taught him that his songs are a powerful vehicle to trumpet God’s love. In 2017, after years of filling notebooks with songs, he recorded his first live album, Anthems From the Outpost: Volume 1. Along with songwriting, Jack has a heart to train and equip musicians, young and old, to give the song of their heart to Jesus. Jack is also an experienced worship leader who leads multiple prayer sets a week and has led worship for numerous speakers and events which include: Dr. Michael Brown, Terry Bennett, Ohio Heartbeat Bill Rallies and the National Day of Prayer Rallies. He is the proud father of three amazing children: Caleb, Claire and Callie. In his “spare” time he loves to fly fish in Ohio’s rivers. With the help of Resurgent Sound, he recorded his second live album, Anthems From the Outpost: Volume 2, available on all streaming platforms.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Italy's Coleen Featured In #MusicLov3rz May Edition!

Coleen is actually my first name. That is what they called me in school.  Simone is what my family calls me.
Simone was an energetic little girl, very helpful, very eager to please others, very loving… who turned into a shy, anxious, highly strung teenager after years of emotional and physical abuse. Simone was the first of three children. She was sadly the least preferred of the three, the least talented, the least scholastically inclined, the least musically inclined.
Simone was beautiful, but she was made to feel inadequate in every way…She was never good enough. Simone made mistakes...Simone did not always make the right choices.
Simone had very low self esteem.
Simone was extremely empathetic and constantly attracted narcissists…to her detriment. But…God be praised, Simone was a fighter.
She started overcoming little by little. It took her many many years but she started healing.
Simone grew up in a Pentecostal Church, and had a very rigid pentecostal upbringing.
Simone was at odds with the Church because there was this facade where one was too blessed to be stressed…where one could be honest about one’s victories, but not about one’s struggles.
Simone was broken in several places like a delicate piece of pottery that fell onto a hard floor. Sometimes she was convinced that she was healed only to find herself shattered again and again ….BUT…
Quite like the Japanese art ‘Kintsugi’ of fixing and enhancing broken pottery with precious gold, God fixed broken Simone and made her even better, more unique and even more precious than before.
So Simone, shy Simone, hurting Simone, anxious Simone, highly strong Simone, Simone that would get stomach aches, and headaches, and sore throat and fever and tremble at the very thought of having to sing in public… Simone that dreaded walking into a room filled with people, Simone that always felt lonely even though surrounded by people, Simone that had been emotionally and physically abused, Simone that had been bullied and rejected, Simone slowly BECAME COLEEN.

Her FULL STORY is in #MusicLov3rz May!

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Jumee Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine May 2019!

One typical Sunday afternoon in October, there was a blue Mazda that had pulled over on the side of Lausanne Road, near Deptford, South East London; and inside of this car there was a battle going on in the front seat for the answer to one question.

“Should I sing for God?”

In deep contemplation behind the front wheel, about whether God should take the wheel sat JUMEE, thinking about the actual purpose of life. He realised that he had been driving down a lane of chasing fame and supposed success all at the cost of his purpose.

It started out as a typical Sunday afternoon in October and JUMEE was ten route to a typical church service when as he was driving his heart began to beat heavily. Thump thump. “Time is running out…” Just keep driving, you’re gonna be late for church, JUMEE thought. Thump thump. “I’m calling my people...” The speed camera is coming up, slow down. Thump thump. JUMEE’s heart began to beat faster and faster. “I will use someone else…” Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump. My eyes are blurry, there are all of these tears. I can’t see. Pull over… now!

So this is how a blue Mazda ended up on the side of Lausanne Road on a typical Sunday afternoon, but did not make it to the typical church service because JUMEE had an atypical experience with God. The call was so heavy he could not drive and he could not see, and pulled over because he had not been seeing all of this time. Running had defined his reality; running, running from his calling for the last five years when God first asked JUMEE to sing and dance for HIM.

“But I’m a hot mess”

JUMEE exclaimed. “I don’t know how to write Christian music”, “People will judge me so harshly”, “no one is making Christian or Gospel music anymore…”.

Catch JUMEE's FULL STORY in #MusicLov3rz Magazine!

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#MusicLov3rz May 2019 - Independent Music Worldwide
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