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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Love Vibration Nation & The Co-Creators Featured In #LOV3RZ July!

God Is Love and God is A DJ! Two Testimonies Psalm 23 & God Like That Many have asked the question, in today’s world is there room for spiritual expression in electronic music? Love Vibration Nation never had a doubt. #LoveIsTheAnswer has been our motto since the very first release. We have been blessed and have become a consistent charting dance label. With over 200,000 social media followers around the world, a true movement has started. A nation is being built where all are welcome. People want to love and they need love. We allow that expression through our music with the world. Here are 2 testimonies to further the point in the form of music releases for Love Vibration Nation. You be the judge. I. PSALM 23 JERRY C. KING Gold Remix Package Music Release Details: release date: June 28th Traxsource July 3rd All Stores & Streaming Love Vibration Nation Presents Chicago House Legend Jerry C. King Psalm 23 Gold Remix Package. Jerry C King, best known for his legendary keyboard work on timeless classics like Marshall Jefferson's Move Your Body-Lends a powerful spoken word performance of Psalm 23 that starts with a sense of confidence and ratchets up to a fever pitch of a Baptist Preacher. Read the full story in #LOV3RZ July!


Loz J Yates God Like That Album title track. Music Release Details: release date: July 19th All Stores & Streaming world wide. Love Vibration Nation underground sub label R3UK presents Loz J Yates God Like That Album. Yates is coming off highly acclaimed remixes for The CoCreators and Coqui Selection. Now he brings a full length debut album entitled God Like That, mixture of Techno and Tech that fill the heart and sub-woofer alike.  Get the full story in #LOV3RZ July!

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Melika Miller Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

Since I moved to New York City from Poplar Grove, Arkansas, my life has had many ups and downs.  Coming from a small rural town and having big dreams of being a music artist has caused me many heartaches and pains.  There was a time in my life when I asked God to take the dream away from me so that the desire would stop, but He did not.
The following is an example of one occasion in my life in which I wanted to give up on my dreams.  I released an EP which had good reviews.  I was performing in tours around the New England area.  People were following my music, asking for my autograph and loved my songs.  Also, my songs were being played on radio stations.  I was performing at different venues in New York City and invited to different church events to perform.  People were saying how touched they were by my songs.  I even performed in festivals here in New York City and in Springfield, Connecticut.  I also performed at SOB’s for SolVillage and was 2nd runner up in a contest for a radio station here in New York City.  Because I thought my music career was about to take off I decided to quit my job.   It did not happen the way I hoped it would be. 
Proverbs 13:12 says that hope deferred makes the heart sick.  My hope in having a music career began to fade.  I remember being so discouraged and so disappointed that God did not allow this dream of mine to happen.  I began to doubt that performing and entertaining people was my calling.  I had had the taste of what it felt like to have a career as an artist, but it did not become my reality.  I felt so defeated and thought about moving back home to Arkansas.  It would be easy then and I would have no troubles.  Also, I returned back to teaching and was contemplating on pursuing steps to remain in the profession.  This was tangible, something that would be easy to do.  I could also go back to school and get my master’s in education and become a principal or something.  All these alternative options were more straight forward.  Honestly, I loved teaching math and I loved my students, but I knew that the classroom was not where I belonged.  That was just a scapegoat. 

Catch Melika's Full Story in #LOV3RZ July on June 25th!
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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Be'Ve Music Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

Be’Ve is a singer and performer with a unique personality and a striking collection of tunes in her discography. She is a new name to watch out for on the music scene in Florida, thanks to a sound that feels very diverse, yet direct and personal. Be’Ve’s music reminds of the work of seminal performers the likes of Diana Ross, Minnie Riperton or Cece Winans, but with an exciting modern feel. Be’Ve mastered the art of combining exciting gospel and R&B with the lightness of pop & urban music, and a powerful message of love, faith in God, and hope for all. Don’t miss out on Be’Ve’s recent releases, including her last single “Simplethings”, which was released in 2016. She is also gearing up to release a new single, “I Believe”, later in 2018. Find out more and stay connected:

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Carla Coleman Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

Carla Coleman is a new indie artist who is breaking out with her new debut “God You Are The Best”. Carla is a wife, mother, published author, and corporate manager but her love for Christ sparked a love of writing and singing. Released in June, the new single is her lyrical declaration reminding us all of who the King of King and Lord Of Lord is in our lives. 

Follow Carla at to learn more about her and the gifts God has given her. GYATB is NOW AVAILABLE on all major music outlets (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play).
Let’s Praise the Lord, because He truly IS the Best.

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Ron Stop!! Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

"I was a running man, running from God, running from calling. I was running these streets hard thinking I was balling. Eventually, I ran into trouble, landed in jail & it was there I heard God speak, "Ron, Stop!! Be still and know that I am God." #RonStop

Ron Stop is an Evangelist  & veteran Gospel recording artist who's committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through various mediums of ministry. He has released two projects titled Labor Pains and Grow In Pains, and will begin recording the final release of the pain trilogy late 2018.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chosen Child Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

To all my friends who haven't heard my testimony my name is Quinton Triplett. I'm 25 years old also known as Baton Rouge Gospel artist "Chosen Child." I was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the youngest of 4. I never was in the streets, never went to the club... I was raised in the church, my life was based on living for God or live for the world and I chose to living for God.

Catch his whole story in #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bukola Esin Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

"I am Nigerian singer / songwriter. A  community radio station CEO in the East Kimberley of Western Australia. We do some video production as well. 

I  am fairly new to the music production  industry apart from providing  airplays for artists on the radio and use of other people's music for programming. I have worked in TV and  radio.  

I started music in July 2017 after several years of singing at various events just for the fun of it. Never really thought about recording my own songs, though for years I had the continuous urge to write  lyrics  and didn't think it would be good enough. It  all started in July 2017 when I went visiting my aged parents in  the UK. My first release IYANU (MIRACLE) was actually a miracle. I just murmured some lines into my phone, searched online for music producers around me, got one and I said "I want to sing" Hahaha!  

The guy was like "What do you want to sing?" I  said I don't know, I just want to sing anything. I sent some of the Karaoke songs I had done and then reluctantly said I murmured something in my phone. He listened to it and  was interested in recording my original. That was a good start for me. I loved the experience and the fact that God inspired me to write and touch lives with the songs He has given me. Hallelujah!"

Christa Deánā Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

Coming to #LOV3RZ July is Christa Deánā's anointed work!

Christa Deánā (Duh-nay) is a Christian Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia who sings with conviction and power. Her songs speak to the journey of a woman after God's own heart. Each song is deeply rooted in a personal, yet extremely vulnerable relationship with God. 

It's the beauty and emotion in her voice and the candor in her lyrics that help inspire others to go all the way, every day, with God.

Dedicating herself to music as a child, she won first place in the Young Artist Competition for the city of Allentown, PA. A gifted writer, Christa Deana performed her first original song at 11 and went on to write over 50 more. Her vocal ability also developed young, securing her lead oratorios from classics such as Handel’s Messiah, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Vivaldi’s Gloria, and lead songs in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. In addition to writing and singing, she has toured with several choirs that took her to Romania, Turkey, France, Spain, England, and all over the US. During this journey she found a love for conducting and excelled as a choir director for several choirs. She has worked with The Lesser Light Collective as a soloist, writer, and conductor, directing the choir for their performance at Washington Adventist University.

Christa Deánā inherited perfect pitch, excellent natural timing, a powerful vocal instrument and a creative soul. But she’s been diligent to cultivate her gifts, obtaining her music education degree from the University of Valley Forge. Not content to simply make her own music, she pulls beautiful music out of her students and collaborators. She is currently a music educator and worship leader at various facilities and churches. She is also the CEO of ChristaCourt Productions.

Currently, she is focusing on spreading the word about her new single, "If God Doesn't Want It" and releasing an additional new single on her birthday, May 29, 2018 called "Here" and a self entitled album with all new original music Fall 2018. As she continues to tour and spread the message of the power of God, she's ecstatic of what's ahead. Join the mailing list and follow her on social media to stay up to date on what's to come!

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JunSix Featured in #LOV3RZ Magazine July Edition!

Coming to #LOV3RZ July edition! #SUPERFUN #JUNSIX

About Out of SoCal, Alternative Christian Hip-Hop artist JunSix blends positive, skillfully delivered lyrics over various music styles from gritty beats to EDM.

JunSix started emceeing after hearing “Raising Hell” by Run DMC at the age of 10 and has been doing it ever since. After performing in and winning a rap contest at 11, he decided that he wanted to make a career out of music. Since then, his music has allowed fans to get to know him as a battle emcee, a poet and a vocalist.

JunSix’s style has gotten him compared to the likes of Q-tip, Talib Kweli, Common and Ghostface. However, JunSix considers his influences to range from Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Rakim, Biggie, Tupac and Das EFX to Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye for various reasons. An “against the grain” artist, JunSix focuses on words which defines his style. He chooses to entertain as well as educate which results in lyrical content that leads into a catchy hook. Musically, one can look for influences from soul and jazz to even rock.

A JunSix album takes you on a ride that goes from pure emceeing to feeling good to just bluntly giving you food for thought. Ultimately, his music is honest and reflects where he is when he writes what he writes.

JunSix hopes to be an important part of hip-hop history and make memorable music and ultimately and perhaps most importantly cultivate a spiritual curiosity. “The challenge is to give the listener healthy food without taking away the flavor.”

Bon appetite!

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Lamont Collins aka Snilloc Ynobe Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July!!

Lamont E. Collins, better known as Snilloc Ynobe, was born and raised in Springfield, OH. Also home to John Legend, whom he attended high school with, in a household where music was a family staple. Brought up in church which he attended every Sunday with his grandmother, he fell in love with the sounds of the choir and house band. When he grew older, Lamont was introduced to hip hop and knew this was his calling. He began entering every school talent show with his best friend and taking the win every time. People started to take notice and as his popularity grew, he perfected his craft and graduated to more serious competition in the streets of Ohio, battle rapping. Inspired by the early sounds of LL Cool J, Snilloc Ynobe developed his own styles and rhymes. His talent has led him to collaborate with many mainstream artists such as Outkast, Craig Mack, Black Street, and Naughty by Nature to name a few, whether it be through writing songs together or sharing the stage. Lamont has had meetings with Columbia Records and Sony, but the timing wasn't right as God had a bigger plan. Today Lamont lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children where he is founder and CEO of Collins Music Group, a Christian Hip Hop/ RnP label, focused on giving our almighty all the praise and glory.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Theodore Chestnutt Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine July!

Theodore Chestnutt is a native of Brooklyn New York and currently resides in Goldsboro North Carolina with his wife and daughter. He attends St. Joseph Free Will Baptist Church where he serves as the Interim Minister of Music.

Theodore is a singer, songwriter, producer, engineer and his musical background experience includes singing in the church choir, various small ensembles, raise and worship teams. Through growth, knowledge and experience gained in participating in music ministry events.

Find out more about him and his newest release "TITLE" in #LOV3RZ Magazine July edition, coming June 25th!