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Friday, August 31, 2018

Peter iRock Returns To #LOV3RZ September -- But This Time On The FRONT COVER!

We have an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Swiss/Italian Composer PETER IROCK!

Peter Irock, was born in Rome in 1959, but has lived for many years in Tessin, Switzerland. At age 15 he began as a self-taught in music with an emphasis on keyboards and synthesizers; immediately understanding that from now he could not do without of the world of sounds, always innovative.

In those years, however, the influence was of big names in the electronic music world. 
In 1977 Peter bought his first synthesizer with which he began to approach electronic music, made at the time with analog keyboards, sequencers, cables, knobs and switches. Peter performed as a soloist and his art lead him to meet with Gianni and Vittorio Nocenzi, composers and keyboardists of the historic Italian group "Banco" (better known as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso) his will to have the opportunity to play as a supporter during some dates of their tour.
Later, he wrote several music compositions, and commercials for some companies and television documentaries. Among his teachers, Peter loves to remember also the great authors of scores of the past and present as Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovajoli, Ennio Morricone, musical guides that have always accompanied by emotionally and musically 'childhood to today.
In the 2010 he made a CD, "The Return" where he made all the arrangements on the music of the musician from Locarno, Fiamm, on electronic keys. 
In 2013 he wrote the music and recorded the album in the company of navigation on the Rhine, "The Schaffausen Boat" presented at Schaffusen during the inauguration of an important ship of the fleet. He has collaborated with musicians and recording studios especially in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland, as a composer, arranger and music "on demand" for any theme or event, thanks to his skills and knowledge of his instrument. 
Boreal (2014) Horizon (2015) IVO (2016) and last SEVEN (2018) are his latest productions. In 2018 he is the official ambassador for a Russian music software developer BELLATRIXAUDIO-- 

Check out his amazing studio!

 Limited Edition Album:
#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Kimberly Rice Cofield and Calvin Cofield Return To #LOV3RZ September!

Directed P.A.T.H., the newly released EP by Calvin Cofield draws listeners of all backgrounds in with its universal sound, visual narratives, fiery features, and relative message. Calvin captivates us at the opening song, Heart’s Cry, by telling a story that exposes his heart while laying out the foundation of his previous works and music history. The Album title is based off of the song, Directed P.A.T.H., feat. Jessica Clements, which is more than a CD, clothing line and saying. It’s a way of life! P.A.T.H. Is an acronym for People Anointed Through Him, and Directed path is based from the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6. Staying Directed on this Directed path is easy to do when everyone stays in their own lane and runs the course set out for their own lives. Calvin really drives this message home in his song Own Lane, a straight banger, feat. Dre Murray and T-Haddy, and produced by Tone Jonez.

In contrast, the smooth and mellow song Stay, feat. Todd “Throne Muzik” Johnson encourages listeners to Stay with God, while I’m Straight (with his wife Kimberly Rice-Cofield) let’s people know we’re straight on sin, and the ways of the world-we’re sticking with God’s way. The EP ends on a high note, encouraging us to be set free through Christ, in an upbeat song feat. Jessica Clements that any dancer would love! Directed P.A.T.H., the EP, features several producers such as Todd Throne Muzik Johnson, A.J. Kemp, Tone Jonez, K-Drama and B-Coe Productions. Listeners from all around the world have taken to it, and Directed P.A.T.H. has become the foundation of a movement for God.

What do you do when it seems like your back is against the wall, when you’re out of resources, and when it seems the world is against you? You trust God will Provide. Described as sweet, lively and powerful, “Provide” by Kimberly Rice-Cofield is an entendre of Gospel, CHH, R&P, Pop, and Rock styled music, infused with live studio recordings featuring an anointed, soulful Detroit-based band (Betty-Alexandria Pride on Keys, Ashley Nelson, violin; Ken Mason, Drums; Michael Bivins, Guitar; and Oves Barker, Bass) as well as productions by National Recording Artist K-Drama; So Hot Productions; Throne Muzik; Alan Kemp, Trilogy Productions LLC; & Glory Muzic. This eclectic journey captures the quest from the point of view of a single woman, looking for the love in all the wrong places, and then encountering Jesus’ pure Love and merciful redemption, once receiving a final Warning to repent and turn away from sin. The album leaves you assured that just as God has taken care of the children of Israel, He will truly take care of His children, providing for all their needs according to His riches and glory in Heaven. The Album has been said to have listeners in deep worship, or dancing and rejoicing unto God, filled with messages that bring to life scripture, testimonies and words of encouragement and Truth. It leads listeners to Christ, giving glory to God! In dedication to her Mother Moselle who encourages and helps her to Fight for the Finish, Oves Barker, her godfather on Bass who went on to be with God in Glory, Rev. Martin E. Bolton who proclaims God’s brought us a Mighty Long Way and Rev. Patrica J. Gordon, her Spiritual Mother, rest her soul, who preached a memorable message of God’s ultimate provision, birthing the Album title song. Provide, the Album includes songs with Kimberly’s husband Calvin Cofield, including hit single Let’s Move, sister Angela Knight, and also features K-Drama, Danyell Love, Kimberly Ratcliff, Betty-Alexandria Pride, Parris Parker, Porsha Love, and KFire. Produced by Praise His Name Productions in the Studios Of Throne Muzik, Trilogy Productions, LLC and Studio A. This is an album you must experience! 🏼🏼🏼

Catch Calvin & Kim as they return to #LOV3RZ Magazine in September & connect with them and their music via:

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

James Harrison Bacon Returns To #LOV3RZ - September Edition!

From red carpet gala interviews in Atlanta, to his current ranking of #3 GLOBALLY on Reverbnation, to his new song "Nowhere Man" James Harrison Bacon is back! He shares all that he's been up to in #LOV3RZ September!

Hear all his music on Reverbnation & stay up to date through #LOV3RZ Magazine and his website!!!

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Seek The Truth - Howie & Gwendolyn Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine September!

Seek The Truth is a Christian Rock and Blues project in Phoenix, Arizona that was created to share the love of God, Jesus, salvation and to minister to others through their songs. Gwen and Howie are two longtime friends, who have a huge love for God and music. They have written, recorded, performed live; and have been musical partners for over 12 years after meeting while auditioning for a Christian rock band in 2006. 
The band started out great, doing weekly outreach ministry events for Church On The Street, worship, special events and shows. Due to life situations, push back from the locals and the city with regard to working with the homeless outside of the church; the band decided to go their separate ways after seven years. Howie and Gwen continued to write and record songs together. 
They started another Christian acoustic band, but still faced the same issues sharing the music due to push back from the city, and no help from brick and mortar churches, they only wanted praise music. 
The struggle with depression for both started as Gwen continued to write and sing but Howie stopped playing and creating music. He was the musical backbone; writing, playing, and recording all the music, while she wrote all the lyrics. Eventually she found herself not singing anymore. She tried singing with other bands, but it wasn't the same.

Catch their WHOLE story in #LOV3RZ September #MusicLov3rz!

Connect with Seek The Truth & hear their music at:

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Friday, August 24, 2018

Tosin Oyelakin Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine September Edition!

As far back as I can remember, I have felt like my life was a battle. As a child of about 3 I remember things happening, and at every significant stage or time in my life, major things happened to me that would affect my self esteem and the way I perceived myself, just to cause me to not see anything good about

 myself. I will summarize the key times in my life that I have felt the Lord allowing me to go through some heavy crushing, that I may become something useful for him. When I was about 8/9, I developed a skin condition that caused me to be covered in rashes, and we saw all sorts of doctors back then in Nigeria, and they couldn’t really diagnose what the condition was. All the medication and creams recommended wouldn’t work and I remember my mum had to get me tights to wear to school in order to protect my dignity, and even though the weather back home in Nigeria is not such for tights, I had to just wear them, otherwise no one would want to play with me. And then one day, I was in the living room with my other siblings when my dad came back home and yelled at me to leave the living room, he didn’t want me sitting there and infecting his other kids with whatever I had on my body. Now, that from a father to his child crushed me, made me feel oh so less important than the other kids, and like something about me was wrong! This was in primary school, and the memory of how it made me feel lingered. My father wasn’t a bad father. In fact he loved his children and would do anything for us. But maybe he’d had a bad day at work that day, or was under some form of pressure or another. I know he didn’t mean to deliberately hurt me, but it deeply hurt my ‘child mind’ back then. I never held it against him. Loved him all the same. Then I got into secondary school, and all sorts started happening. I had friends who would just come up with fights for no reason, and I always ended up on my own in these fights while they all would all be on the other side. Being a peaceful person that I am, hate fighting, I would seek reconciliation and ask my mum to help mediate and resolve it. They would then see me as begging for their friendship which made it even worse when they started up the fights again. For me as a teenager, that was a very hard time of my life and I began to see myself as just unlovable, by my own father, friends or anyone else for that matter. I struggled with my relationships through secondary. 

Then I got into uni and in less than 2 weeks found myself being assaulted by a trusted friend on campus. Now this is a friend I had known from home who was well known to me and my siblings, so I trusted him. Anyway, when this happened I got angry with God, and stopped attending the Campus fellowship which I had started attending. Got involved with some friends who took me further away from God, and started partying and just wasn’t concentrating on my studies. Would miss lectures, etc. But in all these things, I could still feel the love of Christ and His Holy Spirit convicting me each and every step of the way. This went on throughout my first year and a bit into my 2nd year of uni, and then my father who had been ill with kidney disease passed away. Then the reality of life and death hit me, and the Holy Spirit used his death to draw me closer to Himself And somehow, for no reason, no fights, nothing, my friends and I just drifted apart and I found myself on my own. Grieving the loss of my father with no one to confide in or share my grief with. I guess that was God’s way of isolating me so that He could work on me. I had no one else to turn to, so I turned to Him for comfort and returned to the fellowship I had abandoned, and so my healing journey began. Please note that He didn’t stop things from happening to me because even after that, I had all sorts, but from this point on, I began to see myself through His words, and slowly began to regain my self esteem, and renewal of my mind. 

Get Tosin's FULL STORY in #LOV3RZ Magazine September!!! 

Connect with Tosin and her wonderful music for the Lord at:

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

JUMEE Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine August Edition!

One typical Sunday afternoon in October, there was a blue Mazda that had pulled over on the side of Lausanne Road, near Deptford, South East London; and inside of this car there was a battle going on in the front seat for the answer to one question.

“Should I sing for God?”

In deep contemplation behind the front wheel, about whether God should take the wheel sat JUMEE, thinking about the actual purpose of life. He realised that he had been driving down a lane of chasing fame and supposed success all at the cost of his purpose.

It started out as a typical Sunday afternoon in October and JUMEE was ten route to a typical church service when as he was driving his heart began to beat heavily. Thump thump. “Time is running out…” Just keep driving, you’re gonna be late for church, JUMEE thought. Thump thump. “I’m calling my people...” The speed camera is coming up, slow down. Thump thump. JUMEE’s heart began to beat faster and faster. “I will use someone else…” Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump. My eyes are blurry, there are all of these tears. I can’t see. Pull over… now!

So this is how a blue Mazda ended up on the side of Lausanne Road on a typical Sunday afternoon, but did not make it to the typical church service because JUMEE had an atypical experience with God. The call was so heavy he could not drive and he could not see, and pulled over because he had not been seeing all of this time. Running had defined his reality; running, running from his calling for the last five years when God first asked JUMEE to sing and dance for HIM.

“But I’m a hot mess”

JUMEE exclaimed. “I don’t know how to write Christian music”, “People will judge me so harshly”, “no one is making Christian or Gospel music anymore…”.

Catch JUMEE's FULL STORY in #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019 edition!

Get his song "Raindrops" on Amazon!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Emilio Psalms & Kina Faith #HolyRiderMuzik Featured In #LOV3RZ September

Holy Ryder Muzik is a ministry for Jesus. Our passion is to share our music & poetry to glorify God in Jesus name and be used as His vessels for the kingdom.


Holy Ryderz for Christ: +Ride with Him or Die without Him.+
Hey Holy Ryderz! We appreciate all the support y'all been spreading from our music and posts. God put this ministry in our hearts this year to use us as vessels to spread His messages. We are doing this for His glory & to reach souls for the kingdom of God thru our music, ministering thru melody. Your support means so much to us! We have a passion for music, a love to exhort uplifting others, and a burden for the hurt & lost souls. It's all about the message in songs; a tool used from God thru us. We pray that God blesses this ministry and all the supporters in Jesus name! Thank you to all and your prayers. God bless you squad! #TeamJesus

- Emilio Psalms & KinaFaith

Jesus is the way! ❤️
~ John 14:6 ~

Connect with this amazing couple of God!

Get "Lord I Love You" Emilio Psalms Ft. Nino Salas

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Jason Pierre Featured In #LOV3RZ September!

Jason Pierre, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, comes from an artistic background and as a young child always had a love for the arts, especially music. He was deeply involved is his schools band programs. After graduating Jason took his love of music to the next level by teaching himself how to produce music tracks and soon there on he taught himself how to record. Throughout the years Mr. Pierre has gone on to record three albums; one R&B,the other Hip Hop and his newest venture Gospel. He has also obtained a recording certification from the Radio Recording Film Connection. Jason's focus now is to minster and spread the Gospel with his unique sound and delivery to those who want to hear the word and those who need to hear God's words, making people believe.

His entire album, Anointed King, can be found in digital stores at:

& you can also hear his music on Revierbnation!

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Monday, August 13, 2018

Don Jackson Ministries Featured In #LOV3RZ September!

The amazing story of the re-mixed & re-mastered musical works of the late, great Don Jackson are featured in #LOV3RZ Magazine September edition! Thank you to Steve Jackson for sharing this amazing tribute to your dad!

“We Are Here to Share: A ministry and album revisited”

It’s truly a satisfying experience to able to honor a parent in such a unique way.  Our father’s music allowed us to do just that.

My father, Don Jackson, was a lifelong musician. He began playing the guitar at a young age, started a high school rock band with his brother Todd, and in later years focused heavily on his songwriting. During the 70s and 80s dad formed some strong connections in Nashville and began writing for established country artists.  His song “Somehow, Someway, Someday”, originally sung by John Anderson landed on the top 100 country billboard, and a London-based orchestra arranged an instrumental of his song “Believe Me You Have Missed Nothing” for an easy listening album. (My dad was known to joke about it saying, “I am playing on every elevator in Hong Kong!”)  He also co-owned a Nashville publishing company and owned a full recording studio.

The full story of this amazing Ministry can be found in #LOV3RZ Magazine September, publishing on August 31st.

In the meantime, you can connect with the Jackson Family's work at:


#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Greg Monk Featured In #LOV3RZ September

Greg Monk is an Independent Gospel Artist, Singer, Songwriter. Born in Dallas, TX, raised in Oakland/Merced, California where his love for music grew as he lived with his siblings that shared the same passion for music as himself. Still having that same passion to this very day, Greg strives to create heartfelt music to bring his listeners closer to God.

Greg’s genres of gospel music are, Urban Inspirational, Christian Hip Hop, Contemporary Gospel Music, Gospel Worship Music. He leads the song ministry in worship at the church he attends today.

Greg's purpose is to inspire and motivate people to draw closer to God through his musical talents. He believes that "if you put your mind and heart at becoming your best, you can do all things with God by your side.”

Preview & buy Greg Monk's music at:

& find out ore about him in #LOV3RZ Magazine!

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mani & Eli El Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine September Edition!

Mani and Eli El were introduced to one another a few years back after a Sunday service, little did they know it would be the start of a great friendship/brotherhood. In fall of 2016, Mani was unemployed but still working on his calling, spreading his testimony and gospel through social media videos. Eli El shared one of his raps with J Robles (Founder of Profetica Music) who so happens to be his father in law. Believing in his ministry, Robles blessed him with studio time. From time to time Eli would visit and give some feedback to the records. One day Eli visited and confessed he was at the end of his rope and wanted to commit his life back to Christ and back to sharing the gospel. They mentioned working together, prayed on it, and a couple weeks later they were creating something. Although the track was never released; it was a night of growth and revelation. Two different young men learned to work and build off one another and with their hunger and obedience, the Lord has used them mighty in many occasions beyond music and beyond the shows. They hold each other accountable spiritually and help encourage one another to continue evolving into the men of God the Lord has created them to be.

Catch their FULL STORY in #LOV3RZ Magazine September Edition, and their single "Lean Not" at:

Lean Not - Single by Mani & Eliel itunes

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#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational