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Friday, November 15, 2019

The J's Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine December

At the age of 9 years old, Joshlyn Camille Lomax was observed in church singing for the Pastor's Anniversary. The difference in this performance was that she performed a Jaunita Bynam song, in Jaunita Bynam's adult vocal range. It was shortly thereafter that Jillian M Lomax the fraternal twin sister of Joshlyn displayed her awesome Operatic vocal range, and through an affiliation with Muzik And all That's Samuel Abraham Jr., and BLAPOP Records USA and Joseph Wright Jr., a desire to record a song featuring the twins was born. The BFFT's(Best Friend Fraternal Twin) as they call themselves have managed to amass a very impressive resume' up to this point. The resume' includes, but is not limited to, having appeared in episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., performed in the musical "Clara's Heart" with Joshlyn playing young Clara (for which she won an award) and Jillian playing her sister Young Willa Ward, they've both performed individually at Chicago's Gospel Fest on the Youth Stage, and successfully auditioned for, attended, and graduated from Chi-Art Performing High School. "TheJ's" as they are now being called have also accompanied BLAPOP Record artist to Timothy's Ministry to minister in song, and feed the homeless in suburban Palatine, Illinois. The song "Babay Steps" was recorded with BLAPOP Records USA in 2017 fulfilling a long desired plan to have the twins on a recording together. It's release waited on the LORD's will to be exercised and the season he chose. The ladies continue to magnify the name of the LORD in all that they do daily. Joshlyn currently attends Western Illinois University in MaComb, Ill., majoring in Pre-Law History, and Jillian attends Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn. majoring in Music Education, where they are in their sophomore year. There is high hope in the BFFT's completing another "The J's" project in the near future.

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