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Monday, December 31, 2018

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ferb GodsChild Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine February

The Brooklyn native known as Ferb GodsChild was once connected to music by people who are now legends in the Hip-Hop game such as Prince Paul, the DJ for the ONLY Hip-Hop band Stetsasonic. All of the knowledge he learned throughout the years would allow himself to be used as a vessel by our heavenly Father, fueled by the power of the Holy Ghost. Ferb has set out to move from tradition to Revelation. His goal is to reach modern day saints young and old with God's word being spoken over God given, hard hitting beats with a twist. The only word to describe the way this young man delivers the word of God in music is unbelievable. He is humble, talented and on a mission for Christ!


Kevin Ray Nichols Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019 - Front Cover!

Kevin Ray Nichols Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019 - Front Cover! 

Catch our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Kevin Ray Nichols as he releases his new album called “God Is My Song,” in January 2019, his cry and triumph over a dark life and into God’s light.

You can share Jesus with people too, and it can start with friends and family; maybe even your spouse if they're in need of the gift of Jesus. Maybe it just starts with sharing this new song and starting a conversation with them.

Kevin Ray Nichols’ latest album “God Is My Song” will release on iTunes and streaming music sites by January 2019. Pre-orders will be available exclusively from his website a couple of months prior. Two tracks will be available immediately with each purchase. Visit

“My heart just poured out songs I didn’t think were there.”

Kevin Ray Nichols has served as a Worship Leader in several churches overseas while active duty in the U.S. Air Force. Now retired from the military, he serves in his local church in Tennessee, while continuing to write songs for the Lord.


To read more about the stories and inspiration behind the songs, visit

For more information or questions, contact Kevin Ray Nichols at or visit his website at

Monday, December 24, 2018

ETURNUL Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019!

*ETURNUL has been nominated in a few categories at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards! * Help her get there!

Support her GoFundMe!

Born and rooted from the urban communities of Southeast San Diego located in Southern California. From living a fast Street life to being delivered and blessed with a second chance to live life again. Giving all glory to GOD.
Eturnul has chose to live her life educating, encouraging and empowering others to live a positive Life Style. Influencing them towards a Godly lifestyle & relationship through music.
Having graced the stage with local & global Legends she is now on a mission to impact the world in a positive way with a catchy twist to her flow and a classic lyrical delivery. We asked her to describe her lifestyle and music in 3 words, she replied "God Or Nothing" 

Stay Tuned for whats next, new releases and Check out her current single "My Cup" 

Available On All Digital Outlets & ranking on Amazon best sellers.

Highlights- Watch for the "My Cup Remix" Feat. Guin Recording Artist "SURVE" #300 Dropping late 2018'

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& connect with her music on:

Saturday, December 22, 2018

IAMBASSADORS Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019!

From Rebel to Worshipping Warrior

It all started 16 years ago when I changed careers from fireman to musician. I didn’t have a personal relationship with the Lord back then, and yet I was raised in a Christian home. When I left the fire department, I got mixed up in things that would eat away the years of my life. A life of drug dealing and debauchery will do that. My life and that time was all about “self” in every capacity even though I was pursuing music. Guitar was my rock at that time. I clung to it, and it helped me through many trials and struggles. After 8 years of growing on the instrument and being influenced by many outstanding musicians, the despair deep within grew stronger. As I used marijuana for temporary relief, and the void in my heart grew larger. 

When I played the instrument, I knew deep down it was my purpose, but did not know that the Lord had greater plans for me in using that instrument or gift to bring him glory.  I began songwriting in that period of the 7th year of playing with the inspiration of my peers. When I originally started out in the journey of music I never had the initial intention to write music which I find fascinated and when I look back on that now, I realize the Lord had a plan for my life. 

Get IAMBASSADOR'S full story as written by Scottie Bloomer in #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019 edition!
Connect with IAMBASSADORS and listen to their song "You Are Mine" on:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Sanktified Soulja - Apostle Thomas Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019!


Thomas Morrison; is a native of 
Seattle Washington, but he also lived in California (Compton, Watts and South Central).

While growing up he witnessed many levels of poor decision-making including Substance Abuse, Drug Dealing, Stealing and Robbing. 

Through his family members’ influential actions, he too developed a knack for the same kind of behaviors and took similar paths of self-destruction causing him to serve 
4 different prison sentences. 

During those prison times is when Morrison wrote a great deal of his music which consisted of his hurts, pains, love for his family, his real-life struggles, mistakes, losses, and the deep-seated love that he had for God. 

Also while in prison, he studied God's word and developed a relationship with the Lord surrendering his life and was baptized in 1995.  

After many successful years in and out of the Rap Music Industry and a short-lived contract with Death Row Records (cut short due to a return to prison), the once a street thug name (T-Lo) and the Gangster Rapper name of (BG Smoov), has now been resurrected to the stage name of 
“Apostle Thomas, The Sanktified  Soulja”. 

Preparing now for the release of his new hit-single “ Thank You” and his first book entitled “ From Prison To Redemption”, the Sanktified Soulja” will take to the road and the streets with performances for Festivals, in Prisons, Youth Events 
and nationwide platforms with a goal to use his music and book to positively influence the youth, drug-addicts, and domestic violence victims as he seeks out those with similar backgrounds as his, ultimately drawing them to Christ. 

Catch his FULL STORY in #MusicLov3rz Magazine January 2019 edition!

2019 Rhythm Of Gospel Music Awards Nominee - THANK YOU

Monday, December 3, 2018

Brandon Watson Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January Edition!

"I want to be for other people, the person I didn't have.
I want to inspire people to be a better artist, friend,
worshiper, a better them, who ever that is. That's
who I am as an artist, that's who I am as a person." 
- Brandon Watson

The 2018 Rhythm Of Gospel Award winning Artist, Brandon
Watson is an internationally known recording artist based out
of San Antonio, Texas with a passion for worship and a heart
devoted to God. Brandon's music shows, complete dedication
and creativity. His drive is energetic, friendly, and passionate 
both on and off the stage. Being born into a pastor's home,
he both found and developed his love for music and heart of
worship at a very young age. 
In November of 2012 Brandon joined with Catalyst
Entertainment Group. It was under their management that
two years later on February 14, 2014, Brandon released his
successful debut single "ALL THIS TIME". 
The single was launched to SiriusXM Kirk Franklin's
Praise THE WELL, all major music downloading site from
iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. 
A debut single that is still being downloaded, requested and
gaining great praises and accolades. Brandon's latest single
"Got a Feelin" has been played on number 
#1 radio stations in the U.S and all over the world including
iHeart Radio, SiriusXM 
Kirk Franklin's Praise, and FM/AM radio dials.

Brandon was recently a featured artist for "Kirk Franklin's
Indie Artist" showcase stamped by FO YO SOUL Entertainment.
Brandon's full EP called "The Difference EP" released to
great response on March 20th of 2018. His new single
"Coming Back-Featuring Pablo Villatoro" releases on Jan
8th 2019 and has already released to FM/AM radio dials 
and has been #1 on several radio station charts
since December 10th 2018!

Today Brandon is a sought after song-writer, producer
and recording artist, he also serves on staff as a worship
leader at his local church in San Antonio Tx and
is currently touring and traveling.

Artist | Song-writer | Music Producer

Coming Back is available on PREORDER on iTUNES

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

United By Christ Featured In #LOV3RZ Magazine October Edition!

United By Christ was created to exalt the word of God through music. We want to open up the hearts of those who are weary and encourage through the power of our testimonies. (Revelation 12:11)

I, Alberto Serrano was raised in the streets of Hartford Connecticut, my playground was the projects (Dutch point). I lost myself between dealing drugs at the age of 13, and moving from city to city brought further trials and tribulations. Mercifully, God had me in His great plans. 

Forwarding to the future in 2012, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, married my girlfriend Melissa Rivera and it wasn’t till then that I knew my calling was to be an Evangelist. My wife and I discovered the talent of our beautiful daughter, the young Prophet Damarilis Rosado, and since then the Lord has ordained our steps into the music industry. Our ultimate goal is to reach out into the deep abyss of the people’s hearts. We in unity are drawing the souls towards the Lord.

Catch them in #LOV3RZ Magazine October edition!

#LOV3RZ October 2018 Issue #33 Independent Music Worldwide
64 pages, published 9/29/2018
Clean music with a positive, motivational, inspirational message worldwide.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Trinity House Entertainment Inc.'s Rachel & Michael Featured In #LOV3RZ August & October!

Stay connected for Trinity House's upcoming release "To Be There With You" & story about how they met and were led by God to create music together & form Trinity House Entertainment Inc!

Michael and I started chatting online, then talking more on the phone. We realized that we both had the same morales, values and Christian views on life. We started sharing our music with each other, and it blew our minds that we had the same chords we were both writing years apart from each other. So we knew there was something magical there, and we felt that God had intended for us to work together. We formed Trinity House Entertainment Inc. as a platform to share God’s word with the world through music, messages and other forms of content, to help bring people closer to him. Our music shares the message of God’s love, that he’s there for us, and always has been. He just wants us to reach out to him, and to let him be a part of our life. We pray to do God’s will, and to continue to understand what his will is for our lives. Our mission and our hope, is that Trinity House Entertainment Inc. grows large enough to reach as many people as possible, through all forms of media that help introduce them to God. We feel if we can touch just one heart, to start their relationship with him, then it’s worth it. But we’re hoping that we touch many hearts, and help many people see the love of God. To learn more about our mission and how you can get involved, come visit us at, subscribe to our youtube, and get inspired through our music and blog articles. We’d love to hear from you. 

God Bless, Rachel & Michael 💗

Get their first release "It's Never Too Late" in all digital stores.

Catch up with all their work at:


Featured story coming to #LOV3RZ October!!!

#LOV3RZ August 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
Clean, positive, motivational, inspirational music from around the globe!
#LOV3RZ October 2018 Issue #33 Independent Music Worldwide
64 pages, published 9/29/2018
Clean music with a positive, motivational, inspirational message worldwide.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Peter iRock Returns To #LOV3RZ September -- But This Time On The FRONT COVER!

We have an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Swiss/Italian Composer PETER IROCK!

Peter Irock, was born in Rome in 1959, but has lived for many years in Tessin, Switzerland. At age 15 he began as a self-taught in music with an emphasis on keyboards and synthesizers; immediately understanding that from now he could not do without of the world of sounds, always innovative.

In those years, however, the influence was of big names in the electronic music world. 
In 1977 Peter bought his first synthesizer with which he began to approach electronic music, made at the time with analog keyboards, sequencers, cables, knobs and switches. Peter performed as a soloist and his art lead him to meet with Gianni and Vittorio Nocenzi, composers and keyboardists of the historic Italian group "Banco" (better known as Banco del Mutuo Soccorso) his will to have the opportunity to play as a supporter during some dates of their tour.
Later, he wrote several music compositions, and commercials for some companies and television documentaries. Among his teachers, Peter loves to remember also the great authors of scores of the past and present as Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovajoli, Ennio Morricone, musical guides that have always accompanied by emotionally and musically 'childhood to today.
In the 2010 he made a CD, "The Return" where he made all the arrangements on the music of the musician from Locarno, Fiamm, on electronic keys. 
In 2013 he wrote the music and recorded the album in the company of navigation on the Rhine, "The Schaffausen Boat" presented at Schaffusen during the inauguration of an important ship of the fleet. He has collaborated with musicians and recording studios especially in the Canton Ticino, Switzerland, as a composer, arranger and music "on demand" for any theme or event, thanks to his skills and knowledge of his instrument. 
Boreal (2014) Horizon (2015) IVO (2016) and last SEVEN (2018) are his latest productions. In 2018 he is the official ambassador for a Russian music software developer BELLATRIXAUDIO-- 

Check out his amazing studio!

 Limited Edition Album:
#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Kimberly Rice Cofield and Calvin Cofield Return To #LOV3RZ September!

Directed P.A.T.H., the newly released EP by Calvin Cofield draws listeners of all backgrounds in with its universal sound, visual narratives, fiery features, and relative message. Calvin captivates us at the opening song, Heart’s Cry, by telling a story that exposes his heart while laying out the foundation of his previous works and music history. The Album title is based off of the song, Directed P.A.T.H., feat. Jessica Clements, which is more than a CD, clothing line and saying. It’s a way of life! P.A.T.H. Is an acronym for People Anointed Through Him, and Directed path is based from the scripture Proverbs 3:5-6. Staying Directed on this Directed path is easy to do when everyone stays in their own lane and runs the course set out for their own lives. Calvin really drives this message home in his song Own Lane, a straight banger, feat. Dre Murray and T-Haddy, and produced by Tone Jonez.

In contrast, the smooth and mellow song Stay, feat. Todd “Throne Muzik” Johnson encourages listeners to Stay with God, while I’m Straight (with his wife Kimberly Rice-Cofield) let’s people know we’re straight on sin, and the ways of the world-we’re sticking with God’s way. The EP ends on a high note, encouraging us to be set free through Christ, in an upbeat song feat. Jessica Clements that any dancer would love! Directed P.A.T.H., the EP, features several producers such as Todd Throne Muzik Johnson, A.J. Kemp, Tone Jonez, K-Drama and B-Coe Productions. Listeners from all around the world have taken to it, and Directed P.A.T.H. has become the foundation of a movement for God.

What do you do when it seems like your back is against the wall, when you’re out of resources, and when it seems the world is against you? You trust God will Provide. Described as sweet, lively and powerful, “Provide” by Kimberly Rice-Cofield is an entendre of Gospel, CHH, R&P, Pop, and Rock styled music, infused with live studio recordings featuring an anointed, soulful Detroit-based band (Betty-Alexandria Pride on Keys, Ashley Nelson, violin; Ken Mason, Drums; Michael Bivins, Guitar; and Oves Barker, Bass) as well as productions by National Recording Artist K-Drama; So Hot Productions; Throne Muzik; Alan Kemp, Trilogy Productions LLC; & Glory Muzic. This eclectic journey captures the quest from the point of view of a single woman, looking for the love in all the wrong places, and then encountering Jesus’ pure Love and merciful redemption, once receiving a final Warning to repent and turn away from sin. The album leaves you assured that just as God has taken care of the children of Israel, He will truly take care of His children, providing for all their needs according to His riches and glory in Heaven. The Album has been said to have listeners in deep worship, or dancing and rejoicing unto God, filled with messages that bring to life scripture, testimonies and words of encouragement and Truth. It leads listeners to Christ, giving glory to God! In dedication to her Mother Moselle who encourages and helps her to Fight for the Finish, Oves Barker, her godfather on Bass who went on to be with God in Glory, Rev. Martin E. Bolton who proclaims God’s brought us a Mighty Long Way and Rev. Patrica J. Gordon, her Spiritual Mother, rest her soul, who preached a memorable message of God’s ultimate provision, birthing the Album title song. Provide, the Album includes songs with Kimberly’s husband Calvin Cofield, including hit single Let’s Move, sister Angela Knight, and also features K-Drama, Danyell Love, Kimberly Ratcliff, Betty-Alexandria Pride, Parris Parker, Porsha Love, and KFire. Produced by Praise His Name Productions in the Studios Of Throne Muzik, Trilogy Productions, LLC and Studio A. This is an album you must experience! 🏼🏼🏼

Catch Calvin & Kim as they return to #LOV3RZ Magazine in September & connect with them and their music via:

#LOV3RZ September 2018 Independent Music Worldwide
#MusicLov3rz Independent Music Worldwide - Clean, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational