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Monday, December 30, 2019

Shaneen Bonner Returns To #MusicLov3rz January!

Shaneen Bonner released yet another incredible single track "Sad Days Are Over"- an energetic Record. The diverse musical Gospel artist, Shaneen Bonner released "Prophetic Declarations", which is the latest album. Shaneen's earlier experience as a songwriter started in 1999. When she first recorded her album under A&D records. Which was under Warner Bros distribution. Since then, she has skillfully orchestrated her influential Prophetic Declaration album. The release of her dynamic album "Prophetic Declarations" was prelude by a successful release party in 2018. The album was received with warmth and accolades from hundreds of people across the country. The success of Shaneen Bonner release party was extended by the hottest name in Gospel radio in Los Angeles, Mr. Aundrae Russell of KJLH radio, a.k.a Stevie Wonder Radio. Her latest debut single "Sad Days Are Over" is hitting the charts as one of the hottest new Gospel singles on Nielsen BDS chart. It has been on #3 on ReverbNation Gospel in Los Angeles and has been loved and received with great enthusiasm by the Christian community & music enthusiasts from across the world. Through her music, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, and lyricist Shaneen has produced distinguishable lyrics that have come from her personal experiences and the journey she has taken to walk the path of the Lord almighty. Through music, her mission is to give hope to the hopeless and to bring a sense of freedom to the people of God through love. Shaneen has been nominated for a Gospel award and has featured in an eminent newspaper in Los Angeles called LA Sentinel. Her work has often been applauded and featured in MusicLov3rz Magazines, music blogs, and on Billboard posters in Los Angeles areas. The native artist from Flint, Michigan, she is renowned for producing feel-good church music in diverse Gospel genres. So, after captivating her audiences across regions as a singer, songwriter, and arranger of multi-style music, Shaneen has become a maverick in the Christian Gospel music world. 

To know more about Shaneen Bonner and her music check the links below. 

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Pastor David Miller Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January Edition!

Pastor David Miller releases new album 'I Went Down' 

The songwriter and producer of gospel music known as Pastor David Miller has released his latest official album, “I Went Down.” The album contains 10 new Pastor Miller tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Cantor Media record label. Inspirational, heartfelt, and filled with the spirit of the Holy Bible, “I Went Down” showcases Pastor David Miller as one of the most genuine gospel music artists of the year so far and promises that he has plenty more where that came from.
Cincinnati's Pastor David Miller cites the southern gospel and contemporary Christian music scenes as main artistic influences. Pastor Miller's own sound takes elements from these and adds a few nuances of his own for a result which is likely to please not only his own Ohio congregation but also Christian audiences anywhere in the world. With an emphasis on faith, salvation, and scriptural lyric foundations, “I Went Down” by Pastor David Miller has a little something for everybody.

Asked to describe the overall meaning of “I Went Down,” Pastor David Miller writes, “The album is really a story that tells about different life cycles of a Christian. It takes you on a road trip from before you meet Jesus with all the troubles you have and the need to get back to God. It then shows you a few of the things done to get saved, a need to go down to an altar and empty yourself out. After, it tells the listener about the testimony God gave you and telling others how you got over.”

Ultimately, the story “I Went Down” tells is a heroic journey.
Pastor Miller explains, “While on this walk you are going to face adversity, and knowing not to turn away, and that no matter what happens, you are going to go anyway. All of this will lead to a homesick heart that leaves you longing for Heaven.”

It's a familiar tale to David Miller, himself, one he's very qualified to tell. After all – it's his.

“This is basically a CD of my life story,” he writes, “and a message that each listener can grab. Whether you are at the beginning of the journey or the end, there is a song for each person.”
David Miller has been Pastor of the Pentecostal Holiness Tabernacle for more than 36 years and counting. His first two albums, “I Have a Father Who Can” and “Here They Come” appeared in 1973 and 1975, respectively. His third album is still available. “I Went Down” represents his fourth official release.

Pentecostal Holiness Tabernacle has been described as “not a social club, gathering place or a structure. PHT is a haven, a refuge, a place of rest, strength and stability. We understand that strong families make strong churches and, in turn, make strong communities.”

“I Went Down” by Pastor David Miller on the Cantor Media label is available from over 600 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, gospel music fans. 

Hear and buy Pastor David Miller's music on:

Pastor David Miller Ministries Official Website – 

-S. McCauley Lead Press Release Writer

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Unstoppable Returns To #MusicLov3rz Magazine January!

He is a worship leader, songwriter, inspirational speaker, and Pastor. The purpose of his music to the listeners he calls "the Unstoppable Generation" to bring forth the Word of God through music, to heal, mend and restore broken lives to their right standing in God to remember that the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is near.
 His latest release "The Great I Am" is here! #UnstoppableGeneration

Connect with him on:

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Unstoppable Records' Artist Voice Of Esther Featured In #MusicLov3rz January!

Voice of Esther, whose real name is Christiana Nwanoka, is a London based Gospel artist known for her vocal dexterity and passionate live performances that has earned her much respect in the Gospel music scene over the years.

Significantly, Christy was born and raised in Nigeria before settling in the UK in the late 1990s. She has been singing in her church for two decades and is currently a recording artist under the Unstoppable Records UK label.

I AM THAT I AM is a song of worship and intimacy with God the Father.

For a God who has over a thousand names, He chooses to introduce himself as "I AM THAT I AM".

I pray that you catch a revelation of the message as you listen and share this song. BLESSINGS!!!

Please connect with Voice Of Esther & Unstoppable Records on:

& catch Voice Of Esther's "I AM THAT I AM" on:

Also catch Unstoppable Records' previous video release for their hit song "The Great I Am"

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Slick Smart aka DooBoyCoy Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine January

I spent most of my life running away from GOD. I didn’t want to submit and tried doing it my way. I feel most run away until they finally realize He’s always there wherever you run too. He is there before you get there. To remind us of our purpose. 

I was born in Sierra Vista, Arizona to teenage parents from Tennessee. My dad joined the military fresh out of school and mom dropped out to raise me. I grew up in many places throughout the south (Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and even Germany). We moved every 2-3 years so we technically never settled in anywhere. I claim Texas and Tennessee as home. I attended 5 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools, and 3 High Schools. Not a normal childhood. I was arrested in the beginning of my Junior year and spent the rest of my school days in a Juvenile facility in Austin, Texas where I graduated and received my diploma.

I figure the best place to start my story is somewhere as a child when I knew I was different and everybody else did too. GOD planted something in me from birth to break generational curses within my family.

My parents noticed me as a black sheep and only had majority black friends it was a problem for them. My parents tried to teach me the bible specifically said different colours should not marry each other. Since my heart was designed differently, this made me rebel against GOD at a very young age. I did not want to believe in a GOD that was about hatred and division. I literally felt the pain of minorities and did not understand how others did not see things the way I did. I rebelled and ended up hanging in the streets, where I was embraced and shown love. Even though I was different, I was accepted. I was embarking on a gangster path early in my adolescence and then once I rebelled against GOD. It all went hand in hand.

The devil tried to force me to sell my soul as a youth and I resisted. Though this did alter my path in life. I ended up with gangs because of my need for love and acceptance. I was taught I was going to burn I ended up a gang member, doing drugs, and robberies and all kinds of mischief. By the time I was 16 I had already done it all or seen it all, or so I thought.

Just another bad kid lost. Upon coming home from Juvenile, as an adult my next venture was to become a big time drug dealer since I figured this was the life. I tried to find GOD as well. It’s kind of hard to explain. I told my parents I read The Holy Bible and that their outlook was wrong.

I jumped into the street life even harder.

I realized I was not allowing GOD to shine, and I was not putting out HIS light. I raised my family in the game. I started struggling in the game mentally and financially and was tuning out the voice of GOD.

It was after the attempt on my life that I started calling out to JESUS. GOD intervened and laid me down. GOD really had a plan for me, and I had to stop focusing on my plans. GOD was protecting me it was never me and my gun. It was always THE MOST HIGH and I truly owe my life too him. There were signs all along the way to stop until finally HE had to stop me, but I was still alive. JESUS SAVES is all I ever heard or seen along the way. I received an 18 month sentence in Arkansas when I was facing 20 years. GOD really messed up the cop cams and all the evidence against me. It was truly a divine intervention. But the damage my family had witnessed was embedded deeply. In prison I fasted and prayed and became a spiritual warrior for CHRIST. I started doing music for GOD, but I was still stumbling. It was only through the music that GOD saved me and showed me where I was failing HIM at. I started giving away the money and I was only stressing to pay bills. While I thought I was doing good I was still doing bad. I was speaking to strippers about the love of JESUS or I would be sitting at a homies house dropping off a big bag of weed but I’m talking about JESUS. It was there that the HOLY SPIRIT was convicting me more intense than ever. I knew I had to let this life go and everything and everybody if need be. I recorded BLESSINGS but was still smoking weed. It was hard to fully submit when I was so lost. Just like so many these days that I relate with the struggle. I only recently in October 2019 quit smoking and have been working on my new project THE FLESH MUST DIE. I have learned that it was me holding me back the entire time. I was only smoking to deal with insecurities, and it was actually making my life worse.

I have fully submitted to GOD and I only want to help others battling with the flesh. JESUS truly saves and I’m a living testament to HIS salvation. I relate with those who are persecuted, and I know what it feels like to be judged by everyone. I’m just another messenger and I’m only here to help spread HIS Gospel and remind those pushed away that JESUS loves us, and we must repent of our sins and through obedience your seat will be available at the table. GOD BLESS and I hope this helps someone because I know that JESUS SAVES. HE saved me……

Get is song "Blessings"

Friday, November 29, 2019

Chris McQuistion Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine December & January Editions!

My name is Chris McQuistion. I am 24 years old currently living in Christiansburg, VA. I work at Belmont Christian Church, as a worship pastor. Leading worship and writing is my passion and calling for the Kingdom. It has been a crazy journey to get to where I am now. 

As I went through college, I didn’t always pursue the heart of worship. I originally went for nursing and wanted to help people in that way. But, as I got a year and a half into the program I was feeling God pull me into ministry. At first I really wrestled with Him about this call on my life. I didn’t feel equipped, worthy, or even feel that I would be financially stable. But I realized that music and leading worship was so much more than just a weekend thing, it was a passion and a release. It was not happening because of my nursing studies. I was so frustrated and realized that I was just slowly being fried from it all.

I remember I went home to lead worship for my local high school and told an old friend what my dilemma was. He told me to not overthink things anymore. He simply said, “you are doing it man.” That is when I knew that it was meant to be. God was truly drawing me to make the change. Later that semester, I changed my major to worship ministry. 

Now another part of my story happened a year later when I had a really bad concussion. I was playing soccer for my university when I got kicked in the head and sustained a traumatic brain injury, that lasted for about eight months. It took me out of school and I found myself at my lowest point in my life. I realized no one could understand where I was at. It was an injury that made me want to shut down and just end things. I could not function consistently. I was dizzy, floaty, light and sound sensitive, as well as just unable to think. So my worship and songwriting was put on hold. 

As I started to get better, I had a life changing experience where I went on a mission trip. This happened all while I should have been in school. Instead of that I went on this trip and amazing God things happened. I ended up leading a kid to Christ on the trip who was a high school druggy. Currently he is now studying to be a doctor. The second part to this trip that blew my mind was that God provided someone, saw my heart, and then they bought me a worship tool. They bought me a keyboard. I realized God timing through all of dark, the doubt, and the confusion. That was the beginning of the comeback. 

Get his full story in #MusicLov3rz Magazine December!!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bob Sparks Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine December

Greetings #MusicLov3rz readers! Bob Sparks here, and I'm happy to be sharing with you my latest project called Safety. I wanted to share with you the spiritual aspect of the album as well as the technical.
We are drawing very close to the return of the Lord. As we look at all that is going on in the world, I know that the return of Christ is near. It lines up with what Scripture said about the things that are going to be happening in the end times. God's word is true. Let God's word be true and every man a liar. (Romans 3:4)
It is happening as He told us it would. Those speaking "Peace" and "Safety" might not be ready for the destruction. There is no true peace and no true safety outside of the Blood of Jesus. What He did and who He is. There's hope for you.
The album Safety was a concept that was given to me to point people to their only hope, in Jesus Christ. The son of God who shed His blood for us and forgiven us from our sins. He is our peace. You can't come to the Father but through Him (John 14:6.) He is the only one that makes us righteous in the sight of God. Many are trying to do it their way.
The song "Rejoice" (the only song on the album I didn't write) written by Phil Keaggy, a great guitar player & great man of God. The lyrics say "Now there's many saying which way to go? You listen and still you don't know. He is the Shepherd that will give you rest all ye heavy laden. He who asks will receive and all who seek will find Him." When you find Jesus, you'll find true happiness, love and safety. Pointing people to Jesus is focus of the entire album.

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Full story in #MusicLov3rz December!

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Founder #MusicLov3rz Community Kellie Leigh Featured on #TheWayTodayPodcast

The Way Today Podcast - Kellie Leigh #Discussion: #KanyeWest #JesusIsKing, Major Concerns About Kanye West. Kellie also speaks about the vision God gave her for #MusicLov3rz Independent Gospel Music Community. Full podcast at: #MusicLov3rz Independent Gospel Music Community's magazine and radio station can be found at

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Michael C Mayes Featured In #MusicLov3rz December

Jesus and the cross... This is the formula for “Ministry”, that best describes the mission of Recording Artist, and Minister Michael C Mayes. He originates from Houston, TX. Michael combines Christian lyrics with a blend of Hip-Hop, R&B and an even sometimes Rock and Alternative flair to reach the generational ear of today.

During years of adolescence, he participated in church choir and musical theatre. One of his fonder memories is dedicating his life over to faith in Jesus Christ at an annually attended youth convention. Coming to Christ at an early age, has come with its ups and downs, according to Michael.

Determination is of the utmost importance while walking out a relationship with Jesus and embarking upon ministry. Life hasn’t been easy or “a piece of cake” as he puts it, but realizing that a walk of salvation must be accepted as a “forever” will most certainly keep things in proper perspective.

Michaels’ mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will hear. “There’s not much feeling that compares to sharing the love of Jesus with others”, says Michael. “As I look over my life from the moment I accepted Jesus up until now, it’s evident that God has been involved at some point or another in every aspect. The grace of God has kept and protected me even at times when I didn’t want to be kept.”

Seeing the Artist “Michael C Mayes” is quite different from the often times soft spoken, easy-to-smile individual that he is off the platform. Though he considers ministry to be his duty both on and off the stage, there’s a vast difference.

In a concert setting, you can expect to see a very lively and tenacious Michael bobbing from one end of the stage to the other all-the-while directing the listeners attention to the presence of God.

“Exodus” the brand new album by Michael C Mayes bears 12 tracks and is available on digital music outlets.

Get it on 

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Friday, November 15, 2019

The J's Featured In #MusicLov3rz Magazine December

At the age of 9 years old, Joshlyn Camille Lomax was observed in church singing for the Pastor's Anniversary. The difference in this performance was that she performed a Jaunita Bynam song, in Jaunita Bynam's adult vocal range. It was shortly thereafter that Jillian M Lomax the fraternal twin sister of Joshlyn displayed her awesome Operatic vocal range, and through an affiliation with Muzik And all That's Samuel Abraham Jr., and BLAPOP Records USA and Joseph Wright Jr., a desire to record a song featuring the twins was born. The BFFT's(Best Friend Fraternal Twin) as they call themselves have managed to amass a very impressive resume' up to this point. The resume' includes, but is not limited to, having appeared in episodes of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., performed in the musical "Clara's Heart" with Joshlyn playing young Clara (for which she won an award) and Jillian playing her sister Young Willa Ward, they've both performed individually at Chicago's Gospel Fest on the Youth Stage, and successfully auditioned for, attended, and graduated from Chi-Art Performing High School. "TheJ's" as they are now being called have also accompanied BLAPOP Record artist to Timothy's Ministry to minister in song, and feed the homeless in suburban Palatine, Illinois. The song "Babay Steps" was recorded with BLAPOP Records USA in 2017 fulfilling a long desired plan to have the twins on a recording together. It's release waited on the LORD's will to be exercised and the season he chose. The ladies continue to magnify the name of the LORD in all that they do daily. Joshlyn currently attends Western Illinois University in MaComb, Ill., majoring in Pre-Law History, and Jillian attends Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn. majoring in Music Education, where they are in their sophomore year. There is high hope in the BFFT's completing another "The J's" project in the near future.

Get their single "Babay Steps" featuring "Smoov Cruz"

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on Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

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AND check out BLAPOPRECORDSUSA's DJ SAM's amazing new web series "Letters To My Mother"

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jack McComas Returns To #MusicLov3rz Magazine December!

Jack McComas is a prophetic singer and songwriter from Dayton, Ohio. For the last 15 years he has partnered with Jesus to write songs that flow out of the place of prayer and meditation. He and his wife Jenn founded and direct the Dayton Student House of Prayer. His lifestyle of abiding with Jesus has taught him that his songs are a powerful vehicle to trumpet God’s love. In 2017, after years of filling notebooks with songs, he recorded his first live album, Anthems From the Outpost: Volume 1. Along with songwriting, Jack has a heart to train and equip musicians, young and old, to give the song of their heart to Jesus. Jack is also an experienced worship leader who leads multiple prayer sets a week and has led worship for numerous speakers and events which include: Dr. Michael Brown, Terry Bennett, Ohio Heartbeat Bill Rallies and the National Day of Prayer Rallies. He is the proud father of three amazing children: Caleb, Claire and Callie. In his “spare” time he loves to fly fish in Ohio’s rivers. With the help of Resurgent Sound, he recorded his second live album, Anthems From the Outpost: Volume 2, available on all streaming platforms. 

His song “Shepherds” is an anthem that can be used in worship any time of the year. It is especially enjoyed during the Christmas season, when we remember that God used the foolish things of the world to shame the wise in the story of Jesus’ birth. This is displayed in the fact that the first men He revealed His Son to were Shepherds, the lowly ones of their day. The theme plays out in using a stable as a birthing room. It culminates in the idea that a baby had the power to change the world. God’s plans and ways are so much better than ours even when they don’t make sense to us. The anthem this song declares is that we choose to believe that every bit of the story is true. “I believe that a baby, changed the world! I believe that Shepherds shared His love! I believe that a star, stayed in place, just to show foreign kings He’s the one!”

Get Jack McComas' album "Anthems From The Outpost Volume 2" on Amazon | Google Play | iTunes | Spotify
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